Checkout How I Listen To YouTube Videos And Music In The Background With Ease

Normally you cannot listing to music tacklists or videos on YouTube in the background except you use the YouTube Red feature which isn't free.

Whenever you are playing a music on YouTube and try to lock your screen to continue doing any other things, the music will automatically stop playing. Meaning, whenever your smartphone screen turns off, your current playing YouTube media will pause. Anyway, i just found out how to continue playing the media files even while the phone is in sleep mode.


Before now, I normally use third party apps like Vidmate, tubemate etc to achieve this but recently i discovered i can still achieve the same result without a third-party app. How was it possible? Yes that's the expected question. Well, do you remember Mozilla Firefox web browser? The popular browser that we all started with decade ago? Hahaha. While the PC version is outdated and scrapped for the Edge browser, the Android version of the browser is Dope.

With the Firefox browser for android, you can watch any YouTube video of your choice in background without it stopping on the way or pausing itself. Just login to YouTube from the browser, search for the video or music track you want to listen to, play and minimize the browser. That's all.

You should exclude Firefox from the list of apps under task killer's watch if you are using task killer app on your phone

Apart from the ability to play YouTube videos in the background, Firefox browser brings a very lively browsing experience on your android device with a whole lot of customization, plugins that suits your stile, support for latest java script and many more web browsing experience. You can download it on playstore and feel live browsing experience.


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  3. The fear of exhausting my data won't allow me to do all these things

  4. The fear of exhausting my data won't allow me to do all these things

  5. Kudos to you for always keeping us informed and educated