Top 4 Quotes At The 10th Annual Banking and Finance Conference In Abuja Today

About the the 10th Annual Banking and Finance Conference in Abuja earlier today.
Director, Digital Business, Etisalat Nigeria; Adia Sowho, making a presentation titled 'A Telcos Perspective on Financial Inclusion'

Some quotes from her;
- "Etisalat has recorded a great feat in financial inclusion with our
partnership with Guarantee Trust Bank on the GTEasySavers Accounts".

-"Etisalat is ready to partner with banks and other financial institution
to achieve a wider and faster financial inclusion"

- "Active bank accounts in Nigeria is 61.1 Million, Active mobile lines is
149 Million. Banks in Nigeria have a lot to learn from telcos in order to
achieve financial inclusion"

- "Telcos have incredible amount of customer data that financial
institutions in Nigeria can benefit from in order to deepen the financial inclusion drive in Nigeria"


  1. Ice quotations but were they able to carry out all those items

  2. We are very at paper presentations but the actual implementation is always a problem to us

  3. This partnership with banks that they talked about could also be the same as that debt they were owing that eventually lead to a change in their name

  4. Lemme pause here for now and commend you for your lovely work

  5. Thumps up to you my brother for educating us always