Facebook Brings Cheap Data Plans In Nigeria With ExpressWifi Program

Facebook is bringing cheap internet data access in Nigeria with its Facebook ExpressWifi in collaboration with Lagos based firm Coollink. All is set for the launch of Expresswifi in lagos. ExpressWifi is a new program that allow all internet users to purchase a data from a local service providers at a very cheap rate. Though this is not the first time Facebook will be doing this, it has already be launched in India.

Following a successful launch in India, Facebook is bringing WiFi hotspots around Lagos via a program called ExpressWiFi.

The social media giant is undertaking the project via a partnership with local Nigerian internet service provider Coollink.

According to a report on TechSuplex, the service is expected to launch soon but is already available in certain places such as the Ikota Shopping Complex.

This is one of the reasons why Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zukerberg visited Nigeria last week

"ExpressWifi by Facebook is a new program that lets phone owners purchase data from local internet service providers. Effectively, Facebook is providing software that helps local ISPs and entrepreneurs sell and provide internet service in rural areas, which can be accessed via public Wi-Fi hotspots. Besides being a source of cheap internet, the program is also designed as a means of empowering entrepreneurs who get the Wifi equipment (including a 1Kva inverter) setup for free and make a 15% commission on each ExpressWifi data plan sale," says a statement on the product.

In other to make this work in Nigeria Facebook partnering with an ISP and integrator company known as CoolLink based in Abuja, Lagos, kano and Port Harcourt to achieve this. Having said that, the service is set to launch officially in Lagos in few days, however, it has started operation in some part of Lagos such as the Ikota shopping complex at lekki.

Facebook’s internet service will come with advertisement. Express Wifi cheap internet service, what i mean by cheap is that it will be affordable e.g , cheap right? Users within the Express WiFi coverage area will be able to browse the sites of Facebook Free basics platform for free but other online activity will be require a fee.

Internet plans on the ExpressWiFi platform start at N40 and go as high as N1600 per month. You can get data plans of N1,600 for 5GB and 100mb for just N40. Each Express WiFi point benefits from a 10mbps connection which is shared by all users. below is ExpressWifi Data plans:

1. 100MB N40 24hrs
2. 300MB N110 24hrs
3. 750MB N270 7days
4. 2GB N700 7days
5. 3GB N1000 30days
6. 5GB N1600 30days

Do you know you can enjoy this stuff free of charge? Yes! Facebook is giving you free 14 days trial to test the service which means in this period you don't nee to pay anything to enjoy 100MB data
To get started, simply sign up for Facebook express wiFi 14days trial here. And you will be enjoying free daily 100MB for two weeks.


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