Another Ten Tricks You Should Always Use On Your Smartphone

So many smartphone users are ignorant of some interesting tricks they can pull out with their phone especially the ladies although some guys fall into this category. This type of people only use their smartphone for the basic tasks like making phone calls, chatting, taking selfies with protruding mouth (ladies) and playing music. But in actual sense, there are more to a smartphone than just those regular tasks and that's why it's called "Smartphone"

Many smartphones are launched on regular basis with improved features and specs to make them smarter and make life for easy and fun but unfortunately some users of these big smartphones fail to utilize at least 20% of their phones features. There are so many wonderful things you can do with your smartphone but I will just reveal this 10 of them to you now.


1. Making Your Documents Go Digital
Smartphones now lets you forget about visiting business centers and cyber cafe in order to scan your documents. With your smartphone camera, all you need is take clear photo of that document 📄 (you can crop or trim it as you like) and then save it to Evernote, google drive, Dropbox, your mail box or any other place. This saves you a lot of time and expenses. I can't remember the last time i scanned a document with a scanning machine as my smartphone does the job perfectly.

2. Discover Songs Faster
Should you desired to know what tune you have been paying attention to in the past, or presently, you could nonetheless be within the addiction of having to run a search query through track apps similar to Shazam or SoundHound. Why now not ditch that stress and as an alternative, just ask properly from Google Now (Android), Siri (Apple) or Cortana (Microsoft)? These apps lets you discover new songs, who sang them and even the lyrics. Shazam is one of the best apps that does this.

3. Editing Widget Lock Screen
Mobile phones, like every other thing that we use every day, are bound to get lost at one time or the other and most instances when these lost items are found, they can't be gotten to the owners since they are locked and no way to unlock it and find contacts or the owners information. But do you know you can personalize your device’s lock screen to have your contact details on it in case of loss or theft and increase your chances of locating it. On Android, iOS and even windows, you can just need to go to settings and personalize your wallpaper to get this achieved.

4. Wi-Fi Voice Manipulation
Sometimes you might be too busy to operate your phone with your hand or your hands are so wet or dirty that you wouldn't want to paste it on your smartphone – we know that, and your smartphone is aware of that, and this is the reason it's right here to help. For a simple operation like turning off the Wi-Fi of your device, you would just use any of Siri , Google Now or Cortana and when you say, a simple “turn off Wi-Fi” even as you might be doing some other things, your phone WiFi would automatically turn off.

5. Bypassing Large Files Limit On Your Phone Email
All of us aren't strangers to the way the e-mail technology works and you would agree that there's a specified file size restricted to records that can be despatched by way of electronic mail. The good news you could now not have identified all these at the same time is that there's a feature that has been existent on account since the introduction of iOS 9.2 which makes it possible for you to send electronic mail of any files size from your iPhone and presents cloud support for such documents with a download link which can be utilized within 30 days.

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6. Using Your Smartphone As TV Remote Controller
Many smartphones with infra-red blaster can be used as a remote control. A lot of Samsung Galaxy phones comes with this feature. You won't only be able to use it with your TV but other gadgets that uses remove control as well. There are some apps you need to install on your phone to achieve this - Spotify, YouTube (for casting screen)and the likes. At the same time these may be restrained within the sort of far flung controls they provide, you would check out other similar apps like Unified Remote and Alfred to give your device full control to your PC or TV at a distance.

7. Knowing What Drains Your Battery
Many new smartphones now comes with greater processing power and this of course impacts the battery life. However, even after we have charged the device and then see it dropping due to use, we don’t want to believe sometime that the rate of drop is normal. For this, you can just head over to your device’s Settings and find out from your Battery Settings what it is that is draining your battery. Trust me, the details would amaze you. This is simple but bet me, many smartphone users don't know how to check apps that are draining their phone's battery. Alternatively, you can download Battery Doctor app to monitor your device battery behavior and save battery power as well.

8. Speed Up Your Phone Battery Charging
Similar to every person else, you need your gadget to spend as less time as viable plugged to a power supply and in that small period of time, you wish to get the highest battery charge collected. An easy trick for this is to switch your smartphone to the airplane mode ✈ which would kill all connections, underground refreshes and reloadings and convert each active and passive charging voltages into accumulation to significantly boost the charge time of your phone

9. Protecting Your Phone From Kids And Friends
For the Android Marshmallow users here, this one is wonderful for you and if pulled off well, it is a totally neat trick to believe dependable even when your gadget is at the mercy of your neighbors or kids. Simply head over to Settings in your device, scroll and tap on Security and your next stop under this drop down would be Screen pinning. This option simply enable you to pin apps which might be on the multitasking reveal and for apps to be switched, your specified PIN can be required. Option to keep outside users jailed at the same time making use of your mobile phone, don’t you think so. This will prevent people from having unauthorized access to certain parts of ur phone.

10. Flush the RAM in your iPhone
Not like we have now seen on Android phones and come to appreciate so good too, there doesn’t appear to be a risk-free mode on iOS devices however that doesn’t still imply you are not allowed to clear out the reminiscence, free some space and get your phone running faster and seamlessly. All you want do is to lengthy press the power button. On doing this, a “slide” message appears after which you would need to lengthy press the home button likewise. With this trick, you just free up the clogged memory on your iPhone thereby making it perform tasks faster.

As i said earlier, there are more and more tricks you can pull with your smartphone. Both advanced, average and simple tricks. Smartphones are not just for making calls. Find out other interesting things you can do with that your lovely device today.


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