Facebook Launches Facebook Messenger Lite - Available in Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Venezuela, Others

Facebook has just unveiled Facebook Messenger Lite today to make make messenger accessible to those with very slow network and those using low-end android phones that would be sluggish on the main messenger application.

It is not really a mystery that Facebook likes to play quick and free with regards to versatile assets. Try not to trust us? Simply check your as of now running applications and administrations. Goodness, and the social goliath's choice to decouple the Messenger usefulness and twist it off as a different application unquestionably didn't help either.

Still, Facebook resemble a compulsion that the majority of us can't generally shake and fortunately workarounds do exist. The most prominent being Facebook Lite, initially declared in 2015. Be that as it may, it appears to be old propensities are difficult to dispose of and Facebook has now discharged yet another lite adaptation, this time for Messenger.

Below is official statement from facebook about it:
We are committed to making Messenger the best, and most reliable way to communicate in the world for *everyone*. That's why I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Messenger Lite. A lightweight, and basic version of Messenger for people, who still own older Android devices (think 2009-2011) that have less available "disk" space, memory, and lower performing CPUs, and that often run on lower bandwidth connections.
Messenger Lite is initially launching in five countries: Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Venezuela, and will expand to more markets after our initial launch phase.
We're excited to bring the network of over one billion active Messenger users to truly everyone starting today! via
Just like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite is authoritatively intended to take into account more established telephones with less memory and preparing power. It requires less data transfer capacity to fill in too and guarantees to adapt better to insecure chatting. Like the Facebook Lite application before it, the new Messenger is basically gone for creating nations, where more seasoned Android telephones are still across the board. Today's underlying dispatch incorporates Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Venezuela. Be that as it may, a more extensive discharge has been guaranteed later on too.

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This is a great news for those guys always complaining of low memory as this app consumes very less memory unlike the normal facebook messenger app that eats up a huge amount of phone storage. Those in Kenya and other aforementioned countries should go on and download it from Google Playstore while those in Nigeria and other countries where it is yet to be made available should exercise little patience before it hits them.

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