Facebook Launches Yet Another App - Event From Facebook

Facebook has unveiled yet another mobile app this time around called "Events from facebook".

This app is all about activities/events - particularly, its purpose is to make it easy for you to find intriguing stuff going down around you. Hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of thousands of activities are shared on the social media every yr, so clearly there shall be a lots to see from this app.

The app indicates you what hobbies your associates are taken with, just lately unveiled routine from the Pages you like, as well as updates from events you're related to already. Strategies of events are on hand too, centered on time, place, and your pursuits. There's also an interactive map that allows you to discover events round you or those happening in other places. Which you could search for routine in any city.

A calendar view maintains monitor of your whole routine, letting you rapidly see when you're doing anything and when you're free. That you may add calendars from your iOS device to view alongside your Facebook activities, if you wish to have.

Right now, Events from Facebook app is available for iOS devices and you can download it from Apple iTunes . It's just a matter of time before it comes to Android OS. It's time to find things to do near you.


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