Facebook Messenger Now Has Data Saver Option

Popular social media platform Facebook has included data saver option to the Messenger application to make it more easier and interesting for those battling with data (MB) management. Just as it is on whatsapp

You should now be able to see the data saver option in your messenger app once it's updated. Immediately, you enable the option, the data saver will display a click to download options whenever someone sends you a media file like pictures and videos and you will have to decide whether to download it or leave it.

Before now, when this option wasn't available, the images and videos will download automatically without your consent hence zapping up your data.

Meanwhile, if you are connected to a WiFi network, the media files will be downloaded the regular method.

Although, this feature is still be in testing phase as at the time of this report and may not be available to every person right now. Just keep tuned and keep updating your messenger app with the latest version on playstore and itunes as the case may be.


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  2. Nice one I just love it.atlest person fit watch videos without so much fear

  3. Am gonna check the lite version of Facebook messenger so as to see if that same feature is there already