Latest Version Of Google Allo 2.0 Now Supports Direct Replies, Split-Screen...

Remember Allo? The new chatting aop from Google. Well, Google Allo V2.0 for Android is now available with features like direct replies, split-screen multitasking support, direct sharing and lots more.

This update now brings a splash screen when you start the app, and it supports direct share - that is, you can easily share stuff directly from your phone share menu to the contacts you most frequently chat with (without first needing to select the app).

Additionally, Allo now supports the split-screen multitasking mode which was initially released on Android 7.0 Nougat devices. You can as well, directly reply to chats in notifications bar, as well as a Monochrome theme which you can activate in Settings.

However, when you long-press the Allo icon in Android Nougat devices, app shortcuts pop out. In this OS, there is also GIFs inside the keyboard. Inserting these in Allo is now a go. Lastly, you now get direct voice recognition when you're chatting with the Google Assistant. Isn't that great?

Are you currently using Google Allo chatting app? If you are not, kindly Download it Here and feel it.


  1. Thanks Wizy, I'll download it rightaway, please add me to your whatsapp group 07035081647

  2. Any other social media platform apart from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp is a no go area for me.

  3. I could remember vividly the other day while surfing the INTERNET i came across this app and i decided to try it out but i didn't fancy it much. So i did the needful which simply means uninstalling it.

  4. Anyways, thanks for sharing this information with us here