Best Trick To Unfollow All Facebook Groups at Once With One-click

Although Facebook groups are important, educative, entertaining and fun but some of them are simply scrap with no value to the members. Daily, you get added to many Facebook groups without your consent and it's not funny at all. I know you had wondered how to exit or turn off notifications on those groups but you couldn't find a simple way other than going to those groups one after the other and clicking on 'exit group' which is really time consuming. That's why you are seeing this article today to guide you on how to unfollow or exit all Facebook groups with just one click.

Any Facebook user should understand what i mean because at one time or the other, one or two friends on your Facebook adds you to one group or the other and you will be like... WTF have my friends gotten me into. How am i able to proceed to get notified for vain updates. I kept questioning myself, and rummaged over the internet to get a solution. I was fortunate to find one though which am currently sharing with you.

The one-click method to unfollow Facebook groups is one of the present day facebook hints and tricks I’ll be unveiling to you today. So, without a lot say, I’ll speedily stroll you through the method. Just follow me along.


  • Firstly, download this modern-day Google chrome extension for executing this trick. The extension name is Facebook Social toolkit. Make sure that you simply’re logged into Chrome browser, then download the extension Facebook Social Toolkit
  • After that, within the extension, you get so many features outside the fb group unfollow, there are some paid features and other free points.
  • Once the extension is efficiently added to your Chrome browser, then log into your facebook account.
  • Now, click on the extension, scroll down and click on on “Unfollow All facebook groups at once” underneath fb removal tools. You’ll get a pop-up asking you to confirm removing, affirm it.
  • That’s it, inside few seconds, notifications from all corporations will probably be deactivated and also you’ll stop receiving needless notifications from all Facebook groups.

That’s all on tips on how to unfollow all fb groups at once making use of One-click method… thanks to the beautiful extension. Keep tuned, as I’ll be publishing other tricks on the way to use the top rate elements on the extension without spending a dime to execute other fb tips. More facebook tips and hints loading… stay tuned!!!

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    this one is very helpful bro

  2. Thanks bro. finally i can delete all these groups disturbingb my account commenting from horlablog

  3. Wizy.....I Am finding it difficult to do it in my phone
    Is there any solutions to it

  4. I am finding difficult DO it In my phone
    Is there any solutions to it