Common Android Lock Pattern Mistakes You Should Avoid

So many Android users make use of lock patterns as security measures to lock the screen or protect the phone from unauthorized access from someone else but never knew that their chosen pattern is weak and easy to guess and unlock.

Thanks to how handy lock patterns are, numerous Android users at present pick them instead of ya passcode, however do you know that they're much less comfy than a passcode?

There is excessive danger that you just do, even though i am not sure you understand why.

A research by Marte Løge, a graduate of the Norwegian university of Science and science, sheds extra light on this. She studied about 4,000 lock patterns to observe some sample tendencies that had been common amongst Android users. In line with her research, 44% of lock display patterns started out on the higher left corner node despite whether the phone owner was left-handed or right-handed. Also, greater than 10% of Android customers would select a pattern shaped like a letter of the alphabet. In different phrases, nearly 1/2 of android customers make predictable patterns.

Her study additionally claimed that guys would seemingly choose an extended and extra complex sample than their feminine counterparts

To make your Android phones more comfy, Marte suggests that you simply pick a pattern with extra nodes, crossovers, and a higher complexity score.

As for me, i haven't been a fan of lock patterns as i prefer passcodes/passwords where i can combine both alphabets, numbers and special characters for stronger 💪 security difficult for someone else to guess. I don't know about you.


  1. Nice one Wizy. Although i always find it difficult to remember my patterns

  2. I got tired of using patterns... I had to deactivate it

  3. Am a fan of pattern though not now

    but its very difficult to guess my pattern even when i draw it many times in your presence

    i prefer lock code sha