Join Us, Sign The Petition Against Imminent Increase in Data Price In Nigeria

Nigerians are set to face more hardship, this time around in the telecommunication sector as NCC has instructed Network providers to increase prices of data plans starting from December 1st, 2016.

This is reportedly going to be a massive 300% increase; meaning that 1.5gb of data that is sold at N1000 will now cost as much as N3000. It's absolutely ridiculous especially at this time of recession. The poor and students are the ones to suffer this most if it happens.

In a bid to air his disappointment and non-support for this nonsense, someone on Nairaland has already created a petition on website and he needs all of us make use of data, and you violently don’t want it to increase in price, to sign this petition. Let's say NO to this proposed data price increment in this country.

Click HERE

Sign the petition. Let our voice count, spread the news let NCC know and hear the cry of the masses.

We can't take this anymore, it's becoming too much. People are suffering from one wicked economic decisions to the other.

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