How I Check Diamond Bank Account Balance With My Phone

Diamond bank customers can now check their account balance with mobile phone without internet connection right from the comfort of your home, office, shop and anywhere else without paying visit to the ATM or bank office.

Sometime ago, i published a post on how i check my GTBank, UBA account balance and Eco Bank Account Balance with my mobile phone and today, I feel it's right to reveal how i also check my Diamond bank account details via my phone any time of the day without internet or data.

Technology has made banking a lot easier and less complicated as many financial institution now adopt both online and offline services (USSD/SMS) to help their customers perform basic transactions by themselves. This is the reason, Diamond bank introduced the Diamond Bank Self Service which you can access both online and offline using the official dedicated number 07003000000. Remember GTBank offers similar service with their *737# magic code.

With Diamond Care, you can not only check your account details, but also perform other activities such as instantly deactivating your ATM card, making inquiries, and lots more.


✔ Of course i have account with Diamond Bank so i have a valid Diamond Debit Card number with me
✔ I dialed 0700-300-0000 and followed the voice prompts
✔ Then i pressed 1 to select the "Account Balance" option
✔ After that, I entered my 16-digit debit card number and then pressed #
✔ When i pressed the # key, I was prompted to enter a 4-digit "self-service code" (this has been sent from Diamond to my registered phone number)
✔ So for more security, I changed the default self-service code sent to me to my own preferred 4-digit code. You can do same.
✔ Immediately i changed the code, viam!!! My account balance for the card was sent to me just like that.

It's as simple as that. Do you know you can also request that your account balance be immediately sent to your registered phone number via a voice prompt? But i prefer text/SMS option

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Sometimes, due to bad network or whatever, you may not receive the code immediately, what you should do is just dial 0700-300-0000 and press '0' to speak to the service advisor. Your self-service code will be resent to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can check your account balance with a USSD code. Just dial *710*556*PIN# (this is applicable only to Diamond bank Y’ello Customers)

Are you still confused? Feel free to ask questions via the comments section.


  1. Eye opener and interesting. Good to know. Anyway i use Gtbank and am so addicted to their 737 self service number

    1. Yea GTBank 737 is one of the best self service short codes as customers can do a whole lot of transactions with it including buying of Airtime.

  2. this system of banking is so convenience..wizy keep giving us great information like this on..I love ur blog...and before I forget..pls can u help me with the airtel 0.0k

    1. Thanks for the complements. For the Airtel 0.00 cheat, click Here

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