RIP Blackberry: Etisalat Discontinues Blackberry Internet Services (BIS)

Blackberry users are still receiving repeated blows from all corners as many app developers have abandoned them; earlier this year, WhatsApp announced that it won't be working on Blackberry OS devices any more.

This and other challenges prompted Blackberry CEO John Chen to say that the company would exit the smartphone business last month October, after struggling to compete with Android and iPhone.

The latest blow is from Etisalat as the telecom giants have discontinued Blackberry Internet Services commonly known as BIS subscriptions. Below is the message they sent to their Blackberry subscribers.

Dear Customer, our BB service will no longer be available. You will continue to enjoy your current subscription till it expires. Thank you for choosing Etisalat

Just Imagine! How can someone use a smartphone without Internet services? That means it will be usable for making calls and using some scrap BB apps.

If you are still using a Blackberry, my dear you are in another planet because even blackberry makers now hate the OS.

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  1. I never like DAT phone call blackberry, I love android especially d China one but still love d original one like Samsung