See Warning Message Access Bank Sent To MMM Nigeria Participants

Access Bank of Nigeria has issued a warning letter to Nigerians involved in MMM Nigeria scheme not to deposit money in any business that is not insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

In a letter the bank is currently sending to its customers, Access Bank cautioned that those that are participating in the controversial "ponzi" scheme, MMM, adding that the customers who are involved in the MMM, stand a risk of loosing all their money.

Below is the sample of the letter Access Bank is sending to customers:
It has come to the attention of the Bank that some customers are engaged in the ponzi scheme called MMM. please be advised that this scheme is not in line with any applicable or known investment product and may ultimately leads to loss of funds on the long run.
We advise that customers avail themselves of genuine and approved investment product in the Nigeria banking environment
Thank you for choosing Access Bank

What do you think?


  1. And which one b d 'genuine and approved investment product'.
    Na their bank?

  2. I thank them solemnly for their concern.. That is if at all its genuine concern.
    But they should not worry... Am not getting any loan from them for the MMM donation.
    Long live MMM Nigeria.

  3. Is it your money...

    Access bank

    All these wicked banks they'll be spamming ones message box daily just to steal money from you by the end of the month

  4. We like deceiving each other.
    Some of their staffs will also be doing that MMM πŸ˜‹.
    Well, MMM is not for everybody but for the wise one.

  5. Nawa ooooo.
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  6. intresting,me am not a MMM participant but i dont see any thing bad in it as long as people are making it with it.
    commenting all the way from GOODIESTECH

  7. I receive text messages from mtn telling me to join MMM, so which one we go believe
    from <a href="></a>

  8. Na wa ooo, why are they witch hunting MMM,. First, na EFCC, now access bank?

  9. Wizy I know that mmm is a little bit risky but I wanna say something about it. Oboi lolzzz when I start folks I used just small change 5k but because of referrals and the rest in fact I think I can pay everyone's school fee in wizytech lolzzzz just kidding. I know some people are skeptical about mmm but when you get your money you just have to use your 30% to keep running it so if you started early like me what you just have to tell banks and FG is to shhhh!! ! Because truly the money in my bank account b4 was really annoying but now I have ma money + extra without stress which is my 5k capital lolzzzz banks thanks for your concern and also shhh!!