Etisalat Data Plans 2017 For Android, iOS, Laptops | Prices

Hello guys, I will be reviewing all Etisalat data plans for Android phones, iPhones, Laptops, Modems as well as the prices in Nigeria. Etisalat is undoubtedly, one of the best data friendly networks when it comes to services and coverage although they seems to offer the most expensive data plans when compared to their fierce rivals in the likes of MTN, Glo and Airtel.
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Last year, Etisalat launched their 4G service and the speed is really good (at their coverage areas) but the more interesting part is Etisalat customers don't need to buy a new Etisalat sim before they can enjoy Etisalat 4G service unlike MTN that forces you to go and do 4G SIM swap in other to enjoy 4G services. All you need is a compatible smartphone that is 4G enabled and support Etisalat 4G LTE band.

All the data plans we are reviewing here are currently working in 2017 as of the time of this publication. The plans can be used on all Android phones, iOS, iPad, Windows phone, PC, Modem, Java and Symbian, in fact, almost all Internet enabled device.

Like we usually do, I will categorize the plans according to validity period. Be rest assured that the prices and subscription codes are also included on this review. So feel free and go through the plans to make a better data choice. Below are the best Etisalat data plans and codes.


Etisalat Daily Data Plans
The daily plans are the "rescue" plans that comes handy whenever you suddenly run out of data on your phone. It is the plan that keeps you going at low cost.

10MB for N50 Plan
Like i earlier said, Etisalat currently has the most expensive data plans in the country. Remember with same 50 Naira, you get 30MB from Glo but Etisalat is offering just 10MB.
So if you really like Etisalat (maybe because of better network coverage), you can go for this plan. After all, it valid for just 24 hours.

To subscribe to this plan dial *229*3*8#

50MB for N100 Plan
This is much better. You can now get 50MB for just 100 Naira to browse for 24 hours. If you are interested, you can opt in.

To subscribe to this plan dial *229*3*1#

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Etisalat Weekly Data Plans
Also Etisalat has some weekly data bundles prepared for you so if you are into the 7 days subscription stuff, you can check below data plans.

200MB for N200 Plan
This is one of the best plans from Etisalat because to the best of my knowledge, weekly plans usually costs 500 Naira but Etisalat slashed it to just 200 Naira which gives you 200MB in return valid for 7 days.

To subscribe dial *229*2*10#

Etisalat Weekend Plan
Although Airtel was the first network that started this “dedicated weekend plan madness” offering 1GB for N100, then GLO followed suit and introduced a night + weekend hybrid at a really reasonable price. Now, here’s what Etisalat has to offer.

1GB for N500 Plan
Ouch! It sounds cool right? But let me let you know that Glo offers 3GB for the same price. Yes it's real.

Etisalat just have the upper hand because of their better network coverage and fast Internet connection. If not, I think everyone will be on Glo network if not for anything, for the cheap data plans.

For 500 Naira, you have access to the internet (capped at 1GB) for one weekend – between Friday 11:59PM and Sunday 11:59PM.
To subscribe to Etisalat weekend plan dial *5995*2#

Etisalat Monthly Data Plans
Here comes the most popular category of data plans in the country. All the telecom operators record massive patronage on these monthly plans because of how they ate structured to suit your lifestyle for the month.

500MB for N500 Plan
As a matter of fact, Etisalat is currently the only network provider in Nigeria with monthly plan at the price of 500 Naira. Just like their cheap weekly plan.

This plan is targeted at lite internet users who come online occasionally maybe to read news and log out after.

This plan is the answer to Airtel’s Opera Mini Bundle (which gives 250MB for ₦300 valid for a month and usable only on Opera Mini) or Facebook’s Free Basics (free access to the internet, courtesy Airtel) with media. Like stated, this plan is valid for 30 days.
To subscribe, dial *229*2*12#

1GB for N1,000 Plan
Am still wondering why Etisalat is offering just 1GB for 1000 Naira when other networks are offering 1.5GB and even above with same price. Anyway, if you are interested on this one you can get it.
To subscribe dial *229*2*7#

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1.5GB for N1,200 Plan
Like seriously? Etisalat thinks you need to pay more for the popular 1.5GB plan

While MTN and Airtel are giving 1.5GB for 1000 Naira, Etisalat is offering the same amount of data for 1200 Naira. Glo even offers 3.2GB for 1k. You see😨

To subscribe Etisalat 1.5GB for N1.2k;
Dial *229*2*25#

Etisalat 2.5GB for N2,000
Nothing much to say here. The 2.5GB plan is valid for a month and costs just N2k.
To subscribe Dial *229*2*8#

Etisalat 3.5GB for N2,500
Hmmmm... All i know is Glo and other networks offers more here. But to get it, it's also simple.
To subscribe Dial *229*2*26#

Etisalat 5GB for N3,500
To be honest, I’m tempted to talk about Glo data plans here (again).


Cos, for this same amount you could get more than double the amount of data. But I will not talk about Glo in this article. This article is for Etisalat and Etisalat alone.

Ok, Etisalat tried sha, at least compared to the amount of the data that used to be tagged to this same amount, 5GB is an improvement.

Valid for 30 days, 5GB could be yours so long as you can drop “just” N3,500 on the table for Etisalat.
To subscribe, Dial *229*2*9#

Etisalat 11.5GB for N8,000 Plan
To subscribe Dial *229*2*5#

Interestingly, data rollover applies to all the bundles listed in this review.
Etisalat Data Plan

Etisalat Daily Internet Bundles
  • 10MB @ ₦50 24 Hours *229*3*8#
  • 50MB @ ₦100 24 Hours *229*3*1#
Etisalat Weekly Internet Bundles
  • 200MB @ ₦200 7 Days *229*2*10#
Etisalat Weekend Bundle
  • 1GB @ ₦500 One Weekend *5995*2#
Etisalat Monthly Data Bundles
  • 500MB @ ₦500 30 Days *229*2*12#
  • 1GB @ ₦1,000 30 Days *229*2*7#
  • 1.5GB @ ₦1,200 30 Days *229*2*25#
  • 2.5GB @ ₦2,000 30 Days *229*2*8#
  • 3.5GB @ ₦2,500 30 Days *229*2*26#
  • 5GB @ ₦3,500 30 Days *229*2*9#
  • 11.5GB @ ₦8,000 30 Days *229*2*5#

Etisalat Night Plan
You can enjoy 1gb for N200 night plan usable from 12am midnight till 5am in the morning. To subscribe for the 1gb for n200 plan, dial *229*3*11#.

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Etisalat ‪Weekend and "Night Plan"
It offers both night and weekend browsing plus 100mb for using WhatsApp is also available. There are two night plans in that order; see how to subscribe for them below:

Etisalat 2GB For N1000 Plan
To subscribe, dial *229*3*12# for 2GB evening & weekend plan @ N1,000 (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend

Etisalat 5GB For N2000 Plan
To subscribe, dial *229*3*13# for 5GB evening & weekend plan @ N2000 (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend PLUS 100MB whatsapp (24/7)

Etisalat WhatsApp Plan
With chatpak, you can access whatsapp, Facebook messenger, WeChat and 2go. To Subscribe for weekly chatpak, just dial *343*5*6# and it costs N150 But to subscribe for the daily plan, dial *343*5*5# and it costs N50 daily.

Yea that's it guys. I guess i didn't miss anything. Feel free to make a better data plan choice today.