How To Turn Off or Reduce Facebook Notifications

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world with over one billion active users. It is one of the most visited websites on earth and the application is one of the most downloaded apps on Playstore. But at times, Facebook get frustrating because of massive notifications and useless requests like candy crush game invitations as well as adding you to groups without your consent.

In this article, I will show you how to adjust, minimize or turnoff Facebook notifications so that you won't be getting all those useless alerts, beeps and sounds that is of no use to your life. Although some of the notifications are very important, coming from work colleagues or interesting groups but believe me, 90% of Facebook notifications are of no use to users, hence the writing of this article.

Facebook is free to use social networking website. Registered users are free to create profile, upload any photo, video send any messages to others, create groups, invite friends to like pages, add people to groups etc. Facebook is available in 37 different languages for his users globally including Hausa, Yoruba and recently Igbo (in progress). After downloading and installing Facebook app you will get regular notifications from the Facebook on your mobile.

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Some of the common notifications you can receive on Facebook are birthday, video, audio, image upload, status updates, group invitation, tagging, mentions, pokes, friends requests, group discussions, game invitations or other type of notification messages. These notifications directly and indirectly affects our work and daily activities negatively. So that's why it's necessary to adjust or just turn off Facebook notifications.


Step One
Login to your Facebook account on your Mobile, Laptop or Computer.

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Step Two
Click on the Notification icon which is located on the top right corner of active Facebook window. You will get three options in the Facebook notification window.

1. Mark All as Read
This option mark all un-read messages or notification as a read.

2. Mute
This option allows you to mute the notification messages for specified minutes or hours.

3. Settings
Settings option allows you to quickly turn off or change the Facebook notification settings. If you don’t want to see any specific Facebook notification then you have to disable that notification.

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Congrats, you have successfully saved yourself from some or all annoying Facebook notifications and you can have rest of mind as you focus on your daily activities without distractions.

Are you still confused? 😕 Do you have any question or comments? Kindly use the comments box.