OMG: Facebook Owner, Zuckerberg Already Earned Whooping $4.7 Billion in Two Weeks This Year

How much have you made this year? At the moment, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is leading the chart in the world as the highest earner so far with almost $5 Billion. This he achieved under just 2 weeks. Oh My God!

This is a kind of motivation but this kind of motivation can even make someone cry. How can one compare himself with Zuckerberg? In reality, it's impossible for billions of people globally to match his wealth. Remember he is still very young in his 30s.

Okay before you start contemplating how much this will be in Naira, let's check it out.


1. N1,880,000,000,000! More money than you and I will ever see.

2. It’s more than the GDP of 41 countries — for the entire year.

3. It’s half as much as Donald Trump’s total net worth. (Source: Inc.)

The obscene amount of cash makes Zuck the biggest earner of 2017 so far.

According to reports, no single event was responsible for the immense growth, but links have been made to Facebook’s campaign to tackle fake news content online which made the Company share prices to hit an all-time high. Other reports hint at the fluctuations of the market.

What is going on in your mind now? Lol 😁 anyway you can read more about this from the source below.

Source: Forbes
Image credit: Quara


  1. Wow....congrats to him and to me in the soon coming future

  2. God bless him d more... mine is coming soon

  3. All i knw is He cant die and take d money wit him

    1. Confirm... But money good my brother, imagine you're in his position, OMO feel like crying right now 😂😟