Company That Made Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Catches Fire As Well

Remember Samsung's flagship device last year - the Galaxy Note 7 that was later discontinued because of several explosion reports from users globally? Well, it seems the fire woes is not yet over as the factory that made the 'faulty explosive battery' caught fire as well.

It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is not over yet. A ‘minor fire’ broke out at the factory that manufactures the malicious batteries, which caused numerous handsets to explode. The event occurred at a Samsung SDI plant in the Chinese city of Tianjin, in an area of the facility used for waste - firefighters reported it was a batch of lithium-ion batteries that triggered the fire.

Samsung lost millions of Dollars last year because of the fire incidents recorded on the note 7 which before its launch gathered so many attention from the tech world but people were taken by surprise when their new phones started blowing up.

Although Samsung later published a report of what caused the fire which was the battery but the device was indefinitely recalled and production discontinued.
Source: dailymail