How To Use The Newly Introduced Facebook Weather App

Facebook has introduced a built-in weather app that offers a five day weather forecast to Facebook users enabling you to know what the weather situation is at a particular point in time and what it will be in few days ahead.

Facebook wants to own every virtually everything you do on the internet. Whether you go online to chat with friends, shop for goods, services, look at photos, watch a few videos, follow world live events, and mow you can even check weather forecast. Facebook is becoming an all in one platform. Mark Zuckerberg is actually a great business young guy.

This weather app can be found in the News Feed on your computer or in the section of the mobile app where you can find “Friends,” “Groups,” “Events,” and “Pages.”

When you access the Weather section, you’ll be greeted to an hourly and five-day forecast powered by There’s also a graphic at the top of the page reflecting the current conditions in your area. This is so cool as you no longer have to leave the Facebook web or app in order to open your weather app or access other websites to check weather situations in your area.

Anyway, I believe some people might still find it difficult to locate this built-in app especially on the Facebook application so I decided to create this tutorial on how to access and use the Facebook weather feature. Follow me along.


✔ Launch the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.

✔ Select the three-line icon on the top right on Android, bottom right on iOS

✔ Scroll down till you see the "Apps" section, then click on "See More".

✔ Locate "weather" and tap on it. Hurray... The weather status for your current location will display as well as five day forecast.

Note, for this to work, you must turn ON your phone GPS (weather). You can also customize the city for the forecast, as well as change between Fahrenheit and Celsius by opening the Settings gear at the top of your screen.

Isn't this cool? Facebook always setting the pace. What's next on the line? Time will tell.