Download Tweakware V5.5 For Etisalat & Glo Free Browsing Cheat

Latest Tweakware version 5.5 comes with Glo and Etisalat free browsing cheats and you can download it either via google playstore or other links. It fixed the glo cheat that usually disconnects so you should give it a try if yours was having issue before now.

Tweakware is one of the popular VPN apps very easy to configure and use as the tweaks available are already pre-configured for you. So no need for IP and proxy servers as you would do on Psiphon.

With Glo 0.00 cheat, you can browse unlimited using this version as I have tested and confirmed it blazing. So sit tight as i show you the working settings and guide to browse free on Glo network.

Glo 0.00kb cheat has been around for so many months making it one of the oldest tweaks that refuses to stop although few people aren't enjoying it because of poor network in their location. But be that as it may, we will go ahead for those that are blessed with glo network.


✔️ Your Glo sim with no active Data plan and Airtime
✔️ Your Android device
✔️ Tweakware v5.5 - download from playstore here or the direct Apk here

✔️ Name: wizytechs
✔️ APN: ntel
✔️ APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
✔️ Proxy: leave it blank
✔️ Port: leave it blank
✔️ Username and password: leave it empty

Once you have done that, follow below steps

✔️ Launch the Tweakware app

✔️ In Server list, select any free server in the dropdown if you are not a premium user.

✔️ On the Tweaks list, select "Glo 0.0k".

✔️ Now, Tick the box beside Tweaks, to enable it.

✔️ Then tap on "Connect"

Once that is done, it will connect within 12 seconds. You can now start browsing by opening your web browser or any other application on your phone.

To browse unlimited with the glo, you need a Premium/Upgrade account on tweakware but you can still use the free servers without upgrade/payment but your data will be limited per day on free servers.

To be a Premium user, it will costs only N500 and you will have access to all the servers without any data limit.

The same procedure is needed for browsing free on etisalat via tweakware as the settings are already pre-configured. Just select the etisalat tweak as your preferred tweak and you should be connected. Note that you need go activate Etisalat chatpak before you can use it on tweakware. See how to activate chatpak here but if you selected the etisalat 0.00kb cheat, then you don't need to activate smartpak but you will only use 60MB free daily.

That's it guys... Are you still confused? Let's discuss via the comments section. Happy browsing.


  1. Etisalat should increase that 60mb data cap na

  2. Wizy the more tweakware updates the more unstable the free browinsg gets

  3. When they fix that you let us know

  4. Though I will download thus version

  5. wizy what about Etisalat chat pack 2017?

  6. Can it work on an unrooted phone?

  7. is there any particular APN for glo plssssss

  8. that glo stuff is always too slow for me, won't even try it

  9. wizy, what about the chatpack 2017, is it working? (I mean on tweakware)

    1. Yes, but etisalat are smart, they've added measures to chatpack, after surfing for 20min, i received a message that exhausted my chatpack data usage limit... Which means, not free.

  10. @Wizy, my teakware with etisalat 0.0k is yet rocking with 60mb daily, if I subscribe to tweakware premium, will I have unlimited browsing? Ur quick response shall b highly appreciated.