Etisalat FreeBasic: You Can Now Access Facebook And Other Sites Free of Charge

Good news, Etisalat Freebasic services is now available so you can start browsing Facebook and some other websites free of charge with your Etisalat SIM without subscribing for data or buying airtime.

With this, Etisalat becomes the second Mobile network provider to support the freebasics initiative by Facebook/ This service allows Internet users from some select countries
(Nigeria inclusive) to access popular web-
based services for free.
In Nigeria users can access Facebook, FB
messenger, supersports,, jobberman and lots of other websites for
free on Freebasics.

To view full list of supported websites you can browse free, download the freebasics app or simply click here for full list. Alternatively, you can visit

I think this is a welcomed development as it will really go a long way to serve some people. Although images are removed when using free basic but it's still manageable especially to read news and get information from sites like Nairaland whenever you run out of data plan.

Free basic on Facebook is not that awesome because the beauty of Facebook is the pictures, video and other media stuffs. So if you are okay with that, you can go ahead and use Facebook free of charge (without images). It's now left for MTN and Glo to follow suit.


  1. This good development from etisalat.

  2. pls wizy can it be tunnels on VPN as free browsing..? pls add my number on your whatsapp group 08036408106

  3. wizy we are expecting loop hole from this freebasic site

  4. Even though Airtel have been dia own for a while

  5. Please I need your help, my smartphone (Lenovo Golden Warrior) have been having this issue, when I make calls it just makes this piercing sound (like the one local TV stations make when they just display those 8 colors or so)
    I have been experiencing this ever since I installed MTK engineering mode apk and altered some default settings.
    I have tried to clear data of the MTK and it still persists.
    I don't want to flash or reset my phone please can you help me with any other alternative?

    1. Did you play with they network modules on MTk tool?
      Flashing and resetting might be the only option if that is the case.

  6. make dem rest abeg, them too stingy

  7. Sequel to the article i once published on my blog Airtel Freebasics Browsing - Other Networks Could Do Better Etisalat has taken a bold step. Where is MTN and Glo??

  8. I jst hope a loophole will pop out of dis freebasic scam

  9. Their data de zap like mad.. Stingy network