Mercedes Benz is Now The Most Googled Car Brand in Nigeria

Popular car brand, Mercedes Benz is now the most searched vehicle in Nigeria via Google search engine. As we all know, Nigerians and Benz are like 5 and 6.

A recent survey carried to determine the most googled car brand in each country as seen in the map above, Benz won in Nigeria although Toyota cars are the most popular cars on Naija roads. You might say Nigerians are dreaming about Benz.

Meanwhile, Toyota rules the world overall and USA search. Russians love Hyundai while Canadians have something in common for Honda cars.

Now the biggest surprise is Niger Republic, can you believe that the most searched car in Niger is the almighty Bugatti!… for real? Bugatti of all cars. Really surprising ooo.

This research was done by a United Kingdom auto parts retailer called Quickco.

Below are most searched cars from some select countries.
✔️ Nigeria: Mercedes Benz
✔️ USA: Toyota
✔️ Canada: Honda
✔️ Russia: Hyundai
✔️ Niger: Bugatti
✔️ Brazil: Honda
✔️ Australia: Toyota
✔️ China: Toyota
✔️ United Kingdom: BMW
✔️ Mexico: Chevrolet

The stats were gotten from Google. However, google is not the most used search engine in some countries like China, Russia and South Korea.

Now taking it personal, which car brand do you always search more on Google? Mine is Toyota.
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