4 Tricks You Can Perform On Chrome Browser For Android

Google Chrome browser is one of the best web browsers out there and it's available on both desktop and mobile platforms but in this context, I am focusing on the mobile version.

There are lots of tricks you can pull out from Chrome browser but i will limit it to 4 in this article. With google chrome browser, your files, settings etc are regularly synchronized between your PC and mobile devices. That's one of the major advantages of the browser. It also loads pages decently and supports jarva and flash. Below is the tricks and tips you should try on Chrome.


1. Enable Brotli to speed up page loading: This function improves page loading speed by unzipping sites faster. To do this, open a new page in the browser and enter the following URL: chrome/.flags/#enable-brotli. On the net page, you will find several features, with the topmost one highlighted in yellow. Set it to Default and click Activate. Then restart your browser to apply the changes.

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2. You can sync your tabs between devices: Just go to your Chrome settings and enable sync. You must have logged in with your Google account on all devices you want to sync with.

3. Minimize data consumption: You can minimize your usage of mobile data by compressing the size of files and pages. Simply go to Menu>Settings>Data Saver. This would help in saving you data.

4. Enable Reader Mode: Not all sites can be easily optimized on a smartphone. Google Chrome allows you to view these sites in Reader Mode. Just open a new tab and enter the following URL chrome//flags/#reader-mode-heuristics. You will find an option to Activate Reader Mode. Click on Default, and choose Always, then restart your browser. Each new page you open afterwards will give you the option to open in reader Mode. ref

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