Hidden Truth About The Phone Number Calling People To Commit Suicide in Lagos Lagoon

08030004900 is a phone number circulating like a whirlwind on social media lately. It's believed to be the mysterious number calling people and leading them to jump inside Lagos Lagoon as the easiest way to commit suicide. This number has spread all over social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc.

Today alone, I have received about 18 messages from different senders about the same number. Below is how the message goes;

Gud evening ,i hope u guys ave heard dat d police saved anoda woman tryn to jump into d lagoon today..pls my sisters dis is d number calling dem..08030004900... i didnt really blive until a friend tld me d number called her nd started sayn sum enchantment and d nxt thing she heard waz tld to 08030004900 kill her self wit any possible means she has... d same number called her friends broda in skul nd if nt for her friend's broda roommate dat stop him.. he wud ave stabbed himself wit d knife in his hands.. so pls sisters lets pass dis information.. nd lets also b prayerful.. d was d same number dat called dat doctor dat jumped into d lagoon too... #TAKEHEED
Pls don't pick calls from d number
Two of my course mates were saved cos dey missed d call. pls spread the news

When i saw this, i laughed at how people can be easily misled. Someone woke up and started writing this nonsense and spreading on social media. Pls don't ever believe this fake story. It's not real at all.

Now here is my analysis of the said evil number:

The number 08030004900 is an MTN Nigeria telemarketing line used for promotions.
It's mtn short code. Instead of calling with 4900, they call with a longer normal looking number.
It is customized for marketing purposes only and as such cannot be called back.
MTN Nigeria uses the shortcode: 4900 for their callertunez promotion services. Full digits for 4900 is 0803 000 4900.
It's in no way related to the suicide at Lagos Lagoon.

Am not in any way promoting MTN's business number but I want to save the Nigerian populace from the panic and fear this kind of information can create.

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  1. Wow ,thanks for this great enlightenment

  2. chaiiii...... juju on phones.......... god have mercy on us

  3. Wizy thanks for this correct information... But who knows??, maybe mtn are now using their customers for rituals. Lol... God help us all

  4. Nice post by Wizytechs.

    But the truth is that i can never never believe such things just like receiving an SMS message about deactivated ATM Card.

  5. I knew the news was a fake news

    People can frame up fake info ehn

  6. Many used claimed that MTN knows all this issue but they don't care any ways ,its serious issue they need to were looking at.