How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password

iPhone devices are very secured to the extent that even new users have to use a passcode to unlock it in order to use it for the first time. In fact, iPhone is all about passcodes and security as almost everything requires password to unlock even the cloud storage.

While this security feature is a welcome development for users data protection, it can turn out to be a thorn in the flesh especially when you forgets your iPhone password. As far as am concerned, there is no other way to unlock your iPhone if your password is forgotten except performing a factory reset but even the factory reset requires password that's where it gets more complicated but don't worry as I gat your back.

In this post, i will show you how to successfully perform a factory reset without a password. I know you might be asking how possible it is. Well, we will make use of an iOS software to achieve this. Just follow me along and you should be glad you did.

1. Your iPhone
2. A PC
3. iTunes Software
4. Original USB Chord
5. Make sure you have a enough power in your battery.


✔️ The first thing you should do is to take complete backup of your iPhone. Download and install iTunes on your Laptop or Computer.

✔️ Now connect your iPhone using a USB chord and open the iTunes program on your Computer or Laptop.

✔️ At this stage, you should see screen in which you have several options. Just click on "Restore iPhone" button and you will get an iTunes dialog box, go ahead to click on the Restore button.

✔️ After that, click on the Next > Agree button displayed in the iPhone software update dialog box.

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Once you have done that, just take a cup of coffee, relax and wait for the iPhone restore process to complete. As soon as all the data has been wiped, you can now be able to enter a new password and continue using your iPhone.

Yes guys, that's how you can factory reset, unlock and change the password of your iPhone. Are you still confused? Ask your question via the comments section and I will assist you. Remember to share this with friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.


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