Prisma Introduces In-app Store With Free Downloadable Filters

You remember Prisma? The artistic photo editing app that was launched last year with huge popularity in few days of launch? You remember initially the app uses Internet connection to filter images when editing them but with an update that popped up in August last year brought a fix that made Prisma filtering possible offline .

Interestingly, Prisma now has a feature called “Store” where you can now download more different filters freely without paying a dime and not just that, you can remove current one.

Prisma photo editing app was an instant success immediately it was launched and gained an immense popularity because of its amazing unique neural net that reads images and makes an artistic paint-like picture out of them.

Today, even on Instagram, some of the real-art-styles became even more popular to users. So this newly added store by Prisma Prisma developers allows you to have the filters you want and to remove the ones you don’t like. Also i noticed the download from the store is quite fast. Maybe my network helped shaa.

Do you now Prisma also has its social network with a Feed and Profile tab where you can share all your artsy images with friends? Oh you should try that out.


  1. this one the best app I have use it and I like it friendly to use.

  2. Am gonna try out this app but i hardly take snap shots cos am not handsome.

    Lemme go and download it right away

  3. but the only problem with this app it dose not work without data

  4. Am downloading this one right away it looks good for photos

  5. This is very interested kindly help us to drop d link