Photos: Jumia Delivery Agent Reportedly Murdered in Port-Harcourt Nigeria

People are so wicked, how can you kill an innocent man sent to deliver a good you ordered online? The worst part is the goods haven't been paid for as the culprits decided to opt for 'payment on delivery'. What really transpired between the delivery agent and the murderers are still yet to be confirmed.

The unfortunate news, which was reportedly broken by Blessing Olomu (Head of News of Cool FM, Nigeria Info FM and Wazobia FM, Port Harcourt ) via her Twitter account, Channels TV Lagos and Neejizzy Emekachukwu Emanuel who also shared it on his Facebook wall. It reveals that the delivery man, who was last seen on Saturday, was murdered after he left his station to deliver items believed to be 2 iPhones and a motorbike.

I have tried so much to put this story behind me but my heart keeps bleeding.

Being brought out of that septic tank (suckaway) is the dead body of a jumia delivery man who only came to fulfill order.
Now imagine those useless guys who ordered for two IPhone 7.

Someone took your order without you paying a dime.with trust he traced your location, finally he found you,with a smile he said,here is your order please confirm it before proceeding with payment. And all you could pay back that gesture with is murder...... Oh! This is inhumanity, why is man so unfair to mankind? The more I write the more I cry,but why? I so pity the poor guy doing this very risky job in other to survive.
Big thanks to the police for unmasking the culprits.

So far, three suspects has been arrested - two young men and a lady.

What a generation?? Lord have mercy!!
DearJumia, please enhance your rules to avoid reoccurrence.


  1. May the good Lord have mercy on us.

    R. I. P. to the dead

  2. Lord have mercy on us oooo

    See wickedness

  3. sad............. pity for dis guy......... RIP

  4. But jumia suppose to open shops and enhance their security

  5. I'm speechless what can of life are we living in Nigeria. this is a sad news

  6. Oh my God... This is wickedness. Why order for goods when you know you can't afford, poor innocent guy just doing his job, God have mercy

  7. oh my God, what a wicked world