Good News: Domainking.Ng Is Almost Back in Business

DomainKing.Ng seems to be back again in business after it was shut down in February by NIRA (Nigeria Internet Registration Association). Before now, the domain hosting company weren't able to provide services to customers and this has caused a massive downtime on many websites hosted on their platform.

However, the good news now is that the indian-based web hosting company have started making moves signaling Imminent return to action, they have even apologized to their customers for the downtime and is currently attending to them on their Facebook Page and via their support email address.

In order words, they are now attending to customers and the great news is some of the WordPress sites hosted on domainking are back online as well after been offline for almost two months.

Below is one of the recent updates on the DomainKing Facebook page :

Domainking.Ng Update: Website is being repaired and is not ready to receive new orders yet ,it is being propagated to a lander page,it may take time so please don't place orders just yet,Mean while the support is still available at and has not been taken down,we are resolving client issues,you are requested to not use the website for now.Please do contact support if you have issues regarding your products bought from us.

Is back? Well, at the time of this report, the website is undergoing maintenance and yet to be fully back but there is hope of it coming back fully soon. At the moment, customers can't sign in and no one is advised to make any payment yet until it's fully back. I also noticed the message on the landing page has been modified, as it now states that the site is under repair and will be back online shortly.
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  1. Wow good news. Many sites are already down bcos of this

  2. this is good news. how soon is coming back.

  3. Good to hear.

    Hope it start working soon

  4. Nice and commendable effort. I will have to start reading on what it takes to host a web site

  5. Good news, but Thank God dat I am not using them as my web hosting

  6. There is need for Domainking to pay for compensation ,cox many lost confidence in them

  7. Pls am still new to this still.. Pls how does domain king works