Which Features Do You Like Most On Your Smartphone?

Almost everybody is now using smartphone and most of the phones are running Android OS and Apple's iOS. However, the importance of some features on these phones cannot be overemphasized. We are addicted to our phones most time because of certain features that we can't take our eyes or hands off.

My preference might not be same as yours as it's different satisfaction for different folks. Smartphones now come with lots of cool features that makes it more fun and serves as utility device.

In fact, a Smartphone is the symbol of utility as you can do virtually everything online and even offline with your phone. But my question today is which features on your phone do you admire most?

For me, I am a fan of fast phones with long lasting battery. Lagging is my enemy so one of the most precious features of my phone I like most is the 4GB RAM, the 5000mAh battery capacity is bae, it takes me for the whole day on heavy usage. Another feature I like is the fingerprint scanner, unlocking my phone is fun with a single tap without entering password or drawing patterns. Then the next is the 4G LTE which makes browsing and downloading very fast. You know time is money so no time for a slow network connection. But i won't forget the phone calling feature - in fact, it's the best among all.

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The above listed features are my favorite although there are other interesting features that are valuable but the ones listed here ranks high in my scale of preference.

So guys, let's know yours; what are the most valuable features on your phone that delights you so much? Drop yours via the comments box below.


  1. I lyk bigger screen phones,also big ram at leastt 3GB ram

  2. Better battery life must be included also

  3. Mine is the Memory (RAM & ROM), Speed (Network & operation) and battery


  4. I'm addicted to smartphones. the feature I love about smartphones is fast internet

  5. i prefer 4gb ram,6020mah battery, 4g lte and nougat version , 64 rom etc dat cool feature

    1. Haven't seen that kinder ROM bro

      Do you even know what it is?

  6. Well am still Managing my own.

    And it is working just fine for me

    But i prefer d battery capacity of not less than 3000mah

  7. Mine is battery guys

    Nothing like big battery capacity bro

  8. Lemme start by saying that the first person that posted his comments as gone contrary to the lead down rules of this site.
    He should have composed all his comments in a single post instead of spreading them out as different comments.

    Here comes my opinion, larger battery from 4000mah,3gb of RAM and above, 4G,and a tweakable phone and finally 16MP and above camera

    1. You are right Paul. We are taking notice of all that

  9. 1: 4,500mph and above
    2: fingerprint
    3: 4G
    4: nice ram (3gb) and above
    5: quality camera e.g 13mp rear and 8mp front
    and to sum it all
    6: OTG support

  10. Like always battery and RAm are the must

  11. A big screen resolution and 16-RAM smartphone cox I have many apps to install