5 Tips For Marketing Your Startup On Instagram

Social media marketing has been on a rise since the past few years and now in the year 2017 things have become very different and you cannot have a successful business without a successful social media marketing campaign. There are many social networking sites out there which have made their way up and now are popular among many big business and marketing brands and Instagram is one of them. Check out a great app GetInsta. It helps you to get free instagram followers.
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Starting as pictures sharing website, Instagram has worked its way ahead of everyone and is now among the top attractions for any brand for social media marketing. Today more than 50% of brands are using Instagram for marketing purposes. And where it has been this popular, it could be very tricky to start a social media marketing campaign on Instagram. If you want to make a successful Instagram account that will bring you more customers you will have to work that out. And when you are starting up on Instagram you will need to do follow some tips in order to make your startup successful. Here below are few important tips for marketing your startup on Instagram.

1. Choose your hashtag carefully
Instagram has been a top site for social media marketers since last year and the way it works is pretty different from how other social media websites work. Though, the hashtags are also essential on Instagram as well. When you are marketing on Instagram and you are making a post for your account make sure that you use hashtags that appeal your audience and are relevant. Also, make sure that the hashtag you pick is among the top trends because that is the only way to reach the maximum audience through hashtags. To make a catchy and effective hashtag you can use various tools that are specially designed for Instagram hashtags. So, remember it is very important to use a relevant hashtag for your Insta posts.

2. Gain more followers

Well, this tip is not any rocket science, if you need your startup to be successful you need to get the maximum amount of audience to follow you. In order to be successful on not just Instagram but on any social media networking site, you need to gain more followers. To gain more followers you will need to do some hard work. There are various ways to do that, you can promote your account on different sites, you can pay other Instagrammers to share your posts or you can use your accounts on other social media sites like Facebook to gain more followers. You can also buy followers from Vibbi, which is a platform that is designed for the Instagram marketers to gain more followers, and you can also get more likes and comments by using Vibbi. So gain more followers to achieve success in your marketing campaign.

3. Hold Instagram contests
One of the best ways to get you Instagram get going is to hold Instagram contests. Instagram contests are fun and they are very effective in engaging your audience. You can gain more followers as well by holding Instagram contests because people do really love free things and you might be giving away something free but it will be worth it in the end. You can hold various Instagram contests, you can ask your audience to comment on your posts or you can ask them to share a post with a mention in order to enter the contest. Later you can pick your winner by either seeing who got more likes or you can set a jury to pick a winner.

4. Utilize Instagram Business Tools

As we mentioned earlier that Instagram is among the world’s top social media marketing sites today that there are many tools which are specially made for Instagram marketing. In order to run a successful Instagram marketing account, you need to know the insights of your accounts and all the other things like your audience, their demographics, which of your posts are doing fine and how can you make your account better. You can analyze these things by using Instagram Business Tools.

5. Do not overwhelm your audience
One of very important thing that should be kept in mind while marketing your startup is that you should not overwhelm your audience. Many of us start posting more than we should post when we make a new account on any social media website. When you start posting too much it really annoys your audience, because your audience doesn’t want to see the same thing again and again and in a result, they will unfollow you. Share less and share content that is of the highest quality. So, make sure that you share a significant amount of posts to keep your audience happy.

By: Qurban Shah


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