How To Save Data When Using Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Mobile hotspot is gradually replacing modems in terms of Internet access on PC. I could remember some years back when it's compulsory that every laptop owner will also have a modem before he or she can browse/access the Internet with it but it's no longer the same story now as the introduction of smartphones has adversely changed a lot of things. You can now easily connect your mobile phone to your PC either via WiFi tethering, Bluetooth or USB cable connection and enjoy the speed especially when the phone supports 4G LTE Network.

However, some people are not very comfortable with this method mostly because wifi connection zaps data like crazy. I mean it doesn't look back but you don't have to worry, that's why I am showing you how to save data when using mobile WiFi hotspot. So follow me along as i reveal the key points for to you.


✔️ Limit Multimedia Usage

On default, almost all smartphones and PC are set to automatically preload/download videos and images once they are connected to a WiFi hotspot. They did this because they think you are gonna be connected to a free WiFi so for you to use your personal WiFi which is charged from your data subscription, you definitely need to disable those functions in order to save data. Also avoid watching videos and music streaming. This is because more data is required for viewing and playing videos and music.

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✔️ Disable Automatic Updates

Remember to always turn off the automatic update on your PC. It may have been long your computer was updated, and immediately your system is connected to a hotspot, it will begin to update. Before you say, Jack Robinson, your data is exhausted.

✔️ End All Awaiting Downloads

You may be downloading a movie on a public Wi-Fi and you are unable to finish. However, you forgot to stop or end the download and you later connect your hotspot, the download will simply continue from where it stopped earlier with the use of your data.

✔️ Optimise Wi-Fi Settings

You should activate your hotspot for shorter low-power Wi-Fi. This will make it possible for data to be less consumed while browsing with hotspot.

✔️ Observe Data Level

Notwithstanding the fact that you have enough data on your phone, you should not ignore it when you connect your hotspot with your computer. You should always check it from time to time so that you will be aware of your data balance. This will let you know how to use it carefully and consciously.

✔️ Stop All Background Apps

Like your phone, your laptop also has background apps running. Some of these apps need internet to function optimally. So, end all background applications before you connect your hotspot.

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These are the ways to save data when you are using your personal data on mobile hotspot. I won't forget to recognize Jumia Travel for some of the tips here. I hope this article help you next time you are connecting to a WiFi hotspot. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks this help you a lots to reduced and save ur data while using mobile hotspot

  2. The last option is not really good for a person like me,any am wondering how am gonna set most of them cus WiFi auto update is sometimes annoying

  3. This is an impressive article. My phone has been serving me for a very long time now as a modem.

  4. I'm gonna try out these options because i have subscribed 3 times with 2 months which shouldn't be so

  5. I'm gonna try out these options because i have subscribed 3 times with 2 months which shouldn't be so