Samsung Galaxy S8+ Screen Costs €250 (N83,000) To Get Repaired

Samsung Galaxy S8+ is one of the flagship devices recently released by Samsung mobile. The device is an impressive handset with a handful of premium features and design in which Infinity screen is part of it.

The phone it's is however, very expensive but the most worrying part is the screen which will cost you a fortune if not handled properly. In order words, if you manage to break it, it will cost you at least €250 (roughly N83,000) to get it replaced at an authorized repair center. That is 25% higher than the Galaxy S7 edge where the screen costed €200 to be replaced.

So the bone of contention here is you have to be extra careful in handling the phone unless you are ready to spend extra cash for screen replacement. Meanwhile, if you are the always careless type, I will suggest you invest in some of the insurance companies around you to be in a safer side when the unexpected eventually happens.


  1. I'm worried about the cost of Samsung phones. That amount can conveniently buy me another phone.

  2. anything samsung is money oooo