This Is How Microsoft Is Disabling Password Usage

Microsoft is seriously trying out ways to discourage password usage for people when they try to sign it to their accounts. Password is a great way to protect your different online accounts but some people are still novices when it comes to choosing a strong password, so this has led to so many bad cases of people's account being ha^cked and so on.

Additionally, when you uses different passwords for your different online accounts (the best advice), your passwords can be difficult to remember. So Microsoft is now finding ways totally do away with them.


Microsoft revealed an alternative method you can sign into your Microsoft accounts by using an app on on your smartphones. This simply means, you won't need to enter any password again. All you need to do is just install the 'Microsoft Authentication app" on Android, iOS and Windows platform.

This is how it works, when you try to log in, it sends you a notification on your phone. All you have to do is tap to approve and you would be logged into your account without any passwords! Isn't that easy and simple? But personally, i wish every phone will have fingerprint support because it's the best and fastest method of accessing your accounts instead of typing cumbersome passwords.


There is a popular saying that 'nothing is perfect on earth' so is this method. There is limitation, which is, your phone must be accessible to you. In other words, you need your phone right there with you in order to log in. So if you lose your phone or don’t have access to it, you have to revert to using your password. Also, ha^ckers can still access your account when they are with your unlocked phone.

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No matter the limitations, it's still a big step forward by Microsoft as people's password has been tampered with so many times that's why I advise people to embrace the pattern of using a very long password with upper case, numbers, lower case and a special character together so that it will be like climbing mount Everest before one can guess or ha^ck into it.