12 Ways To Solve Network Problems in Mobile Phones

Sometimes you experience network connectivity problems such as "mobile network not available" and "mobile network error" when using your mobile phones. There are signal boosters available in the market like the one made by holgadirect. But some people are yet to know what they can do to solve this network issues that's why this article is coming up this time around
The funny but interesting thing about this network issues is sometimes it happens even when the signal strength from the service provider is excellent. This you can observe by checking on other handsets using the same network you are using. So what is really the cause of this problems? Well, like every other phone issues, there is always a solution but when it comes to this one, the solution is usually very simple in most cases. So I will be showing you the best 12 ways to solve network problems on your phone without on your own without visiting a service center. In other words, you can call it a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide.


1. Enable And Disable Airplane Mode

This is actually the first step you should take once your network hangs, freezes, slows down, dissappears or refuses to come up. In fact, there is no day i don't do this on my phone especially whenever I notice the slow in speed or weak signal so I suggest you also make it a culture of always turning ON and OFF the flight mode on your mobile phone. It helps renew network search and boost connections.
Doing it is simple because most smartphones have the airplane mode in the notification area, just slide down, tap the ✈️ symbol and after few seconds, tap it again to turn it off, then turn on the phone's mobile network.

2. Change Network Mode

3G and 4G services are still not available in some cities, communities and villages and where it is available, it might not be strong enough so if your phone network mode is set to any of them, you might loose signal. In this situation, you should set the network mode to only 2G or Edge.

Here is how to do it below
✔️ Go to Settings and open Wireless and Network settings.
✔️ Then tap on Mobile Networks.
✔️ Tap Network Mode.
✔️ Select GSM only (2G Only) or WCDMA/GSM (3G/2G Auto) by removing WCDMA only (3G Only) mode.

Meanwhile, you can also select "auto mode" WCDMA/GSM, the phone will automatically attract the best available signals.

3. Activate the Data Roaming Option

This particular option is useful whenever you are traveling because of network fluctuation from different masts. You need to Turn ON data roaming if you’re unable to connect with Internet due to weak mobile signals or network not available error, turn on the data roaming option.

Here is how to do it:
✔️ Go to Settings and open Wireless and Network settings.
✔️ Tap on Mobile Networks.
✔️ Now, tap the Data Roaming option.

4. Fix Improper Radio Signals Broadcasting

Sometimes you face this error because your Android phone broadcasts improper radio signals. To fix the issue just follow the below mentioned instructions.

✔️ Dial *#*#4636#*#* from your Android phone.

✔ There will appear a “Testing Menu”. Select “Phone Information” from the category.

✔ Now an option “Run Ping Test” will appear on the screen. Tap this option.

✔ Scroll down the page where you will see a drop down menu. Tap this menu to show its options. Now click “GSM Auto (PRL).

✔ Below will be the option “Turn Radio Off”. Select it and reboot your phone to work it effectively. Now you will get rid of the problem for sure.

However, there is a rare case where the radio signal ๐Ÿ“ถ issue is severe. In that case, this method won't fix it because the signal is totally lost because of corrupted memory file in the ROM. This happened to one of my phones (Infinix Hot Note) back then. The only way i fixed it was flashing the stock ROM.

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5. Reinsert Phone SIM Card

Reinserting the SIM card can do wonders beyond your imagination. Have you ever asked yourself why Blackberry customer service representatives normally ask you to reinsert the battery and SIM card after subscribing for a BIS? That's the simple trick to refresh the network and connect you to the best nearest one around you. Same is applicable to Android, iOS and other mobile phones.

So, do the following:
✔️ Switch off your smartphone.
✔️ Remove the battery (if it's removable but if not, leave it)
✔️ Remove SIM card.
✔️ Wait for 2 minutes.
✔️ Reinsert the SIM card and battery.
✔️ Wait for 5 Minutes.
✔️ Switch on the smartphone.

6. Select Preferred Networks Automatically

Letting the phone select preferred network automatically can also solve network problems in most cases. So, you set “Manually Select Preferred Network”, then change it to “Automatically Select Preferred Network” in your mobile phone settings.

See how to do it:

✔ ️Go to Wireless and Network Settings.
✔️ Tap on Mobile Networks.
✔️ Select Network Operators.
✔️ Select it to Automatically. That's it.

7. Handle Lightly or Remove the Cover

Are you aware that holding your mobile phone with tight hands adds another layer that restricts networks from reaching to the phone? Yes that's a fact and it could be one of the reasons you are having poor network signals. Avoid always covering the upper side of your phone with your hands ๐Ÿ‘.

Also, removing the smartphone cover can also help you boost the signal strength. If you’re facing the poor signals in your phone, you should firstly remove the phone cover. The signal strength should improve.

8. Open Your Windows & Find Nearest Towers

Although this is not necessary where there is excellent network but places with very poor signal should always try opening windows and doors or better still, come out in the open place whenever they want to make calls or brows (this reminds me of the funny scenarios some years back when we have to climb on top of uncompleted buildings and sometimes, trees in search ๐Ÿ”Ž of network. Funny!

As we all know that the closer you’re to the the mobile network tower, the stronger your signal will be. But, mobile phones don’t always connect to the nearest tower.

If you can find out your nearest mobile tower and the one your phone is connected to, you can point your phone in the direction of the tower you’re connected to.

You can use the mobile apps like OpenSignal for plotting a map of of your nearby towers. The apps like OpenSignal will be proven helpful to find out the nearest tower and the one your phone is connected to.

9. Make Phone Calls Using Wi-Fi Signals

If even after trying all the above methods it’s still very hard to get signals in your phone phone, you should try making phone calls using WiFi.

If you’ve WiFi router connected to the broadband connection at your home, you can turn on this feature from your WiFi router to make phone calls and send messages over WiFi networks without needing to worry of mobile signals.

10. Install a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile phone signal boosters finds out the outdoor signals, amplify them, and broadcast to a space that is receiving weak or no signal.

So, if your home or office is out of coverage area, you should install a signal booster. These third party gadgets are also known as repeaters. There are lots of them available in google playstore.

11. Try Factory Reset Your Mobile Phone

So if after trying the above methods and non worked for you, then try factory resetting your phone๐Ÿ“ฑ because it's second to the last bus stop for handset repairs.

For Android smartphones, follow the steps below:

✔️ First, take backup of your data.
✔️ Go to Settings & tap Backup and Reset option.
✔️ Now tap on Factory Data Reset and then finally tap Reset Device.
Note that this procedure might be slightly different in some Android phones with different OS versions.

12. Install a Stock or Custom ROM
Finally, this is the last option if every other ones failed but note that it's very very rare to take you to this extent except the radio signal of the phone is corrupted and lost (just like my Infinix Hot Note). Also note that your phone must be rooted in order to flash a ROM

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I believe you learnt something new from this article, anyway, if you still need more guidance, drop your comments and I will attend to you. Please also hit the Share buttons below to share on Facebook, Twitter etc.


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