Benefits of Compressing and Reducing the PDF File Size

Compressing a PDF file or image size means that it will take less space while maintaining its original quality. Many companies handle a lot of files on a daily basis. Storing all these files in their original sizes is very expensive and not convenient. Therefore the easiest way to handle this information and for convenient and easy storing is by compressing the files. The problem is that there is not so many software for compressing your PDF files and images to a smaller sized file. But sodapdf gives you an easy and free way of compressing your PDF files to smaller sizes. The following are the benefits of compressing your PDF files.
benefits of compressing and reducing pdf file size

1. Convenient Storage

When the size of the file is reduced, storage becomes easier. It will take very minimal space on your storage. This means you can store several files without filling the storage space too quickly. You can compress a PDF file, even up to 10 or even 100 times. It will save some money on purchasing the storage space.

2. Minimal Server Load

With the sodapdf file compressing software, you can reduce the size of the file automatically. This increases the overall downloading or file uploading time significantly. This lightens the load on the server and it increases its effectiveness.

3. Easy and Quick Emailing

One of the major benefits of compressing the PDF files is emailing them across the organization. Compressing the files reduces the dead call time and facilitates faster and easy email transmission.

4. Searchable Text

Compressing a PDF file has numerous benefits. It helps reduce the file size for easy storage and transmission. Additionally, reducing the file size enhances the searchable text using OCR. This makes it more user-friendly and easily accessible. You can quickly and easily look for particular texts within the PDF file.

5. Complex Files

With Soda PDF, you can compress and convert multiple PDF files using the OCR. Compressing the files enables you to create searchable texts in the PDF files. You can compress even up to thousands of files.

6. Search Engine Results

Using the Soda PDF compressing software, you create the searchable text in the PDF files. This means that the search engines will be able to index your PDF files quickly and easily on the internet.

7. Files Archiving

Compressing PDF files with Soda PDF allows you to have your files in either PDF or PDA format. This makes it easy to archive the files. It facilitates easier and faster downloads and it is easier to access the file attachments.

8. Data Retention

When you compress the PDF files with sodapdf software, all the data and information on the original file is retained. This means you will not lose any information, neither will the quality of the files be compromised.

Soda PDF compressing software makes the storing of the documents quite easy. It makes the retrieval and search of the documents instantaneous. It is easy, fast and free with Soda PDF.


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