Free Wifi Now Available In Lagos Motor Parks For You To Connect

The Lagos State government in a partnership with MainOne Cables has unveiled a free public Wi-Fi Internet service initiative starting with the Ndubuisi Kanu Park, Alausa, Ikeja in the Governor's quest to make Lagos a smart city even more than what it used to be.

Governor Ambode also made it known that virtually all the parks in Lagos would have the free Wi-Fi Internet access facility.
Lagos free wifi
You may recall that this is not the first time Lagosians are being offered “Free internet” (cc @Donjazzy’s Flobyt), but this time around, the Lagos State Government’s major motive is different — Operation “let us make Lagos a smart city.” you can also read about Lagos free wifi from Donjazzy

According to Governor Ambode via the Commissioner for Science and Technology, Olufemi Odubiyi:

“It is consistent with our commitment to make Lagos work for all. Parks and gardens have been established in different parts of the state to provide a conducive environment for recreation and relaxation.

As you relax and enjoy the recreation facilities in these parks, we are also making it possible for you to access your email, browse and search the internet on your tablets, smartphones and laptops, via a reliable public Wi-Fi.

As I launch the free public Wi-Fi in this park, it is my belief that this service will enhance productivity and add value to all our parks and gardens.”

Let's see how this turn out. Lagos Governor is currently one of the best performing state Governors in Nigeria and he is not showing any sign of lagging behind in his quest to make the state more better.


  1. What a welcome development. Other states should please emulate this man

    Keep up with the good work

  2. that governor is really working beautifying his state, so is gov wizy beautying his blog

  3. Lagos ppl make Una come and see free wifi