Thankful: Facebook Adds Another Reaction. See Video

Facebook has added yet another reaction feature called Thankful to join other precious released reactions such as "Like👍, love❤️, ☺, cry😢, sad😔, wow😱

The new feature is somehow different from others as once you tap on it, you will be graced with a beautiful flow 🌸 of flowers rising up just to signify to people that you are thankful for the post, photo or any other thing on Facebook you applied it on.

Here is the video.

Honestly, Facebook will stop at nothing to be the best Social Network ever ... Probably from generation to generation ... Facebook is the best Social platform and is not relenting at all.

Have you noticed this new feature? If you haven't, just update you FB app from playstore.


  1. thanks wizy i actually saw it in the morning and was like facebook don wear another cap

  2. Thanks for the update.
    I'm off to GOOGLE PLAYSTORE for the update

  3. Have just updated mine now and it's awesome