How To Disable iPhone Camera Sounds When Taking Pictures

When taking pictures with an iPhone, the camera sound makes it realistic as if you are shooting with a normal stand-alone digital camera which is fun but in some cases and situations, you wouldn't want people to know you are taken photos and iOS made it so complicated that most users don't know how to disable the camera sound when taking a secret snapshots. This same thing happens on Android devices but the settings to turn it off is more simpler than on iOS devices so let's see how to stop this cam sound 🔊

✔ Tap on the Mute button on the side of your iPhone before taking a picture.
✔️ Alternatively, you can launch the music app and play a song. Then lower the volume of the song to zero, then launch the Camera app and take your photo.

✔ You can also disable Camera sounds on your jailbroken iPhone. All you have to do is to rename the sound effect file within the operating system to disable iPhone camera sounds. There are several ways to do this, which include:
✔ Using a Jailbreak app to mute the shutter sound: The app is called Silent Photo Chill. It mutes the sound of both your iPhone camera and screenshots.
✔️ To rename the sound file on your iPhone, you need a tool called iExplorer or iFile on your jailbroken phone.
✔️ First, connect your iDevice to SSH.
✔️ Then use this command to rename the shutter sound effect: mv/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/photoShutter.caf to /System/Library/audio/UISounds/photoShutter-off.caf.

Is this post helpful? I hope it answers your question as to how to stop sounds when taking photos with an iPhone. Let's hope Apple make it more easier in future.