No Police Officer Has The Right To Access or Search Your Phone

It's no more news that some people in the Police uniform go to the extent of requesting for civilians mobile phones and have access to them but the real truth is this; it's illegal for a Ploiceman to search your phone.

Too many Nigerians have horror stories of Police officers stopping them for arbitrary searches, and then invading their privacy by insisting on going through their mobile phones. Again and again, people keep being forced at gun point to submit their phones for inspection. Officers go through bank details, SMS, social media interactions and all, in violation of personal privacy. And till now, Police authorities have simply carried on like they could not care.

However, Abayomi Shogunle, Officer in Charge of the Police Complaint Response Unit (CRU) has tweeted that the Inspector General of Police has sent out a circular to all police commands banning the “illegal search of mobile phones”.

In our opinion, if searching citizen’s mobile phones is already illegal, what is the essence of a ban? Shouldn’t the illegality of it just be pointed out to the rank and file? But we won’t nitpick. We are glad to see the IGP take a stand for the rights of citizens to privacy. We can only hope that this will be clearly communicated to officers on the streets where the personal violations take place on a daily basis. The other question is, will the police comply? after all, citizens see them break other laws with impunity everyday.

For a long time, Nigerians have asked if it's right for police officer to search your mobile phones during a routing stop and search exercise on the road. Now, the Lagos State Police PRO, Dolap Badmus has shed more light on the issue saying it is wrong.
In her words, 'Your phone is private, it's your private property because people do alot of private stuffs on their mobile phones so it's wrong. Police officers have no right to do that except there is a reasonable ground to do so'. Watch the video after the cut...
The video will clarify you more on this issue.


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  2. Though they have been searching for particulars but I'm shocked to see that they have also been searching phones.

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