How To Exchange Your Old Phone To a New Phone at Slot Nigeria

Slot partners with Matrix to allow you exchange your old mobile phone for a brand new one. This interesting service has been available for sometime now but am bringing it up again because I believe you might not be aware of it. It's your opportunity to swap that kpalasa phone with new device of your choice.

So i will show you how to go about it. Imagine changing your old faulty, virus infested, cracked screen smartphones. Some of the eligible devices includes Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Nokia Lumia, Tecno, Infinix etc.

This Slot trade-in services is currently on in all the stores in Lagos, Abuja, Abeokuta and PortHarcourt as well as some other slot stores in Owerri, Kano, Onitsha, Kaduna, Enugu etc.


✔. Work into any Slot store near you with your old mobile phone

✔ Present it to a Matrix (Matrix is the company SLOT is partnering with to make this happen) Rep

✔ Fill a form to tell the phone's present condition.

✔ The Rep. inspects it and values it.
If the price is okay by you, you get a voucher for that amount.

✔ Then you add some more money to what you have on the voucher to get a brand new one

Well, according to Slot director, it is advisable you register your phone at so that it will prevent someone from switching a stolen phone to a new one. So if your phone has been stolen before, just login to that site and register it. The Slot staffs will verify it if its stolen or not before given you a new device of your choice.

Regardless of where you buy your smartphone, so long you are willing to exchange it for a new one, Slot in partnership with Matrix will change it for you.

However, the state of your phone determines how much they will price it in exchange, a device in good condition will be happily welcomed and priced nicely than the one with major faults.


  1. This particular post has made my day eventful. I would have loved to exchange my 3years old GIONEE M2 for a brand new one but i can't locate any SLOT SHOP in my location.

    1. The said phone has now been sold out @20,000

  2. hmmm slot... worst thing to do ever they offer me 40k for a week old phantom 6. if your phone is still as neat better find buyer yourself

  3. That's cool and a very long process I guess