Simple Trick To Make Your iPad a Second PC Monitor

It's more fun when you project your PC screen to the screen of your mobile device, in fact, you get more productive by using your iPad display as second PC monitor. Sometime ago, we published an article on how to use your phone camera as PC webcam, you can equally check that post if you are using an Android phone.

To make your iPad a second PC display, all you need to do is download the paid app called Duet Display from the itunes App Store. The app allows you to connect your iPhones or iPads to your computers as a second screen. It works for both Mac and Windows PC.


✔ Download the app from the link above

✔ Install Duet Display on your iDevice

✔ Then install the PC version on your computer.

✔ Connect the iDevice to your PC through USB.

✔ Finally launch the app on both devices, and it uses your iPhone or iPad as a second monitor.

Isn't that awesome?


  1. It's awesome but i have some issues to raise

    After projecting the second device, can i also browse the net via the second device?

  2. No it's just a virtual screen serving as monitor while the main cpu is the pc. It will be operated via the PC