Google Search Adds New Feature - Find Events Nearby

While am not so impressed in about the new Google's proposed UI, am very excited to see yet another cool feature being added to the Google search engine today. With this new update, you can now easily search for live and nearby events arround you.

In other words, Google Search is adding a new feature today that will easily guide you towards events nearby if you use it on your phone. However, this is available in the US for now, through the Google app for Android and iOS, as well as the Google Search mobile website but it's expected to roll out to other countries soon.


According to reports from gsmarena, you can search for things such as "jazz concerts", "art events", and you'll get a special list filled with at-a-glance details about the upcoming events. You get additional options if you tap More events, and when you find something you like just tap on that and you'll be able to immediately buy tickets for it.

It's also possible to look up things coming up on specific dates, using filters such as "today", "tomorrow", or "next week". If you want to go the opposite route and have everything thrown at you, just search for "events near me" and you'll be shown all the different options.


  1. Based on my other comments on the UI issue, i did mentioned that we should just wait and observe things as they unfold. I have just been proven right here
    The best is yet to come

  2. gud feature .....but it will be hard in 9ja 2 use dis features cox most places are not in google map