Vivo V5 Smartphone Explodes While Charging

According to, two units of Vivo V5 smartphones has exploded while charging. The report included two incidents; one was in Karnal and one was in a mobile shop when the phone was kept for charging.

This Vivo V5 explosion issues is reminding me of the disastrous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion incidents that made waves last year. One of the main causes of this unfortunate explosions is phone batteries, in fact it's one of the delicate and most dangerous part of a mobile phone which needs careful handling.

When cellphone battery is overcharged, short-circuited, have a defect, or a puncture, the most likely outcome is an explosion. So we don't just have one but two incidents happened with the Vivo V5 handset.  Two Vivo V5 handsets at different location met the same fate, both exploded while charging.


In the case of this Vivo V5, there are possibly two reasons which are overheating or physical damage. It could be a circuit issue which makes the phone heat up while charging and fails to cool down.

However, other reason is the physical damage to the battery, that can happen when you drop the handset it can cause a tear or puncture and if the battery structure is compromised a short circuit can happen within it and eventually heat and explode.
You can watch the video below.

So far, the company haven't responded to this issue (as of the time of this report). Let's hope it's not another Galaxy Note 7 saga.


  1. Something has to be done to all these explosions

  2. This quality selfie phone also get explode nawa oo

  3. Not good, they should find solution to it b4 its too late

  4. Another Samsung and iPhone again

  5. Abeg make Una know wetin Una go do about this ooo

  6. I'm guilty of always charging my phone battery overnight

  7. I'm guilty of always charging my phone battery overnight