Real Truth About the FCMB Staff Who Died Using Phone's Torch To Operate Gen

An FCMB staff by name Bode Akinsanya at the Ogba Branch of the bank died yesterday as a result of burnt suffered why operating his generator with his phone's torchlight. This incident was reported today and so far has gone viral online with the graphic photos of the deceased spreading all over the Internet.

But some people are still confused as to why a phone's tourch will cause fire. In a normal circumstance, it is impossible for this to happen because phone's torch is made of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which can't ignite or cause sparks while it's turned on especially from a DC power source which mobile phone uses.

However, the hidden truth and actual cause of explosion is from the signals, cell phone signals are too weak to ignite gasoline vapors, but the human body can generate enough static electiricy (60,000 volts) from simply sliding out of your car seat to do just that. Do you pay attention to all those signs at the gas pump telling you to to make sure your car, cell phone, PDA, pacemaker, etc. are all turn off

Other ways that a mobile phone could generate a spark at a petrol station/generator would be due to a defective battery(explosion)

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I hope this helps in clarifying the issues and real cause of this incident. Of course we have seen similar cases of how people got burnt from explosions resulting from the use of their mobile phone near a petrol filling station or operating generator with it. Now you have seen the real cause.