Airtel 3G Unlimited Data Plans Fair Usage Policy

Hello guys, remember the recently introduced Airtel Unlimited Data Plans? Well, there has been a lot of controversy about the plan because of the poor and incomplete information Airtel released about them.

First, we were all concerned why the three unlimited data plans costs differently but valid for one month. People asked why the expiring date for the N10,000 plan is same for the N15,000 and N20,000 plans (30 days). Now, I have confirmed the reason it's like that hence I wish to use this opportunity to let you know the hidden truth about Airtel 3G Unlimited data plans.

Airtel Unlimited 3G Prices

✔️ Unlimited 10 for N10,000
✔️ Unlimited 15 for N15,000
✔️ Unlimited 20 for N20,000
Each of the plans has a 30-day validity.

Airtel Unlimited 3G Fair Usage Policy

✔️ Unlimited 10: full 3G speed up to 40GB usage, then throttled
✔️ Unlimited 15: full 3G speed up to 65GB usage, then throttled
✔️ Unlimited 20: full 3G speed up to 100GB usage, then throttled

When Airtel Nigeria were contacted, one of the reps revealed that the throttle speed is 256 kbps till month end. Full 3G speeds here mean you should expect speeds in the vicinity of 1-4 Mbps on good days and less then 1 Mbps on bad days.

Subscribe To Airtel Unlimited 3G Plans

To subscribe to these unlimited plans and indeed any other data plan from Airtel, you can dial the general code, *141#, and follow the prompts.

But you can also subscribe to the unlimited plans directly by using these USSD codes below:

✔ Unlimited 10: Dial *471#
✔️ Unlimited 15: Dial *463#
✔️ Unlimited 20: Dial *351#

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Note that the information here is what was gotten from Airtel Reps when contacted.
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  1. Well on this case I think that's there throttling speed is not really that bad for a 3G keep it up

  2. Lol. I'm guessing you mean 1-4 MB/s on good days and 1 MB/s on bad days

  3. thanks for the lovely update.

  4. but cant a good VPN be use to over come throttling

    1. Yes it can be used.i also reed something similar to that yesterday.

  5. why do they always like 2 scam us with "unlimited?"....ok, lemme see what other people think sha...

  6. unlimited shld be unlimited... y throttling na???

  7. It's like Airtel do not really comprehend the true meaning of the word unlimited . Why should it be called unlimited when in actual sense it is capped.

  8. Since I have lots of iso files to download and i can't get any available cheats from Airtel, I'm gonna go with the 10k if salary is paid soon.

  9. Thanks for Your lovely update

  10. If this is the case then They are justisfied in claiming that it is unlimited.

  11. well maybe there are people that needs ds.. as for me e no concern me jharre..
    d price is on a higher side..

  12. presently in the economy recession we are today I don't think someone will have up to 10000 just to say he or she wants to buy data.i think they should first consider the pocket of the people buying it.

    1. Yes bro that what they should have considered before posting it