Will You Buy This Mark Zuckerberg T-shirt $400 (₦150,000)?

The replica of famous Mark Zuckerberg T-shirt is now available for anyone that want to buy it. The original shirt which costs $400 (About N150,000) can now be gotten at a more cheaper price of $46 (about N16,000) for the replica version.

Facebook's CEO -Mark Zuckerberg- is known for always wearing a grey color T-shirt with a blue jean and Nikes. You can confirm this through some of his pics online and even when he came to Nigeria. Though, he puts on Suit occasionally.

Mark recently revealed his wardrobe filled with grey t-shirts. In fact, classic shirts are just simple but dope. They were specially ordered from Brunello Cucinelli, and reportedly cost between $300 and $400. A few years ago, H&M rolled out a joke "Zuckerberg collection," but that's not on sale anymore though.

Klaus Buchroithner, CEO of Vresh Clothing, decided to study Zuckerberg's shirt closely, and make a replica of it, or as "a close to the original shirt" without being the same exact item.

Buchroithner looked at the fabric, the color, and even the length of the t-shirt while crafting the replica. Now the "Zuckerberg Shirt" is on sale for 40 euros, or about $46.

They're made in Italy and all profits go to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a philanthropic company funded by the Facebook fortune that sometimes invests in startups.

Here is the features of "Zuckerberg Shirt:"👇

Fabric: 100% mercerized combed cotton, Made in Italy (extra soft)

Weight: 180g per m² (20% more than industry standard)

Color: zucker-grey tones, melange (sale e pepe)

Stitching: double-stitched with PEGASUS EX3215-03 Serger.

Am sure our very own Aba guys will also make their own version of this shirt soon. Watch out

Can you buy this Zuckerberg T-shirt replica for $46?


  1. It's always stated that Looking good is good business and if given the cash, i will rock it

  2. the t-shirt is costly but from look the T-shirt looks good and has a good quality.i pray someday to afford it.

  3. Nope I can't, but I might patronize the aba made.

    1. You guys have been saying aba made what so special there

  4. lolz 4get it i won't..
    that's mark, maybe when i becomes popular people wil also want to get mine..

  5. It very costly, and can't be affordable by the ordinary men, but try to afford some day

  6. i am sure our very own Aba guys will also make their own version of this shirt soon ... lwkmd

    1. And do you think that aba made will be the best for You

  7. thanks for the informative update