Etisalat Changing Brand Name Will Not Affect Your Etisalat Line

Etisalat has just confirmed that change of name won’t affect operations In Nigeria. Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Ltd. trading as Etisalat Nigeria on Tuesday informed its customers that the change of brand name will not affect its operations.

The Vice President, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, EMTS, Mr Ibrahim Dikko, in a statement said that EMTS was aware of recent news reports regarding Etisalat Group’s withdrawal of the right to the continued use of the Etisalat brand in Nigeria by EMTS.

He said that EMTS had a valid and subsisting agreement with the Etisalat Group.

According to him, the agreement entitles EMTS to use the Etisalat brand notwithstanding the recent changes within the company.

“Indeed, discussions are ongoing between EMTS and Etisalat Group pertaining to the continued use of the brand.

“EMTS will issue a formal statement once discussions are concluded.

“The final outcome on the use of the brand in no way affects the operations of the business as our full range of services remain available to our customers,’’ he said.

Dikko said that EMTS launched in Nigeria in 2008 with “0809ja’’ to affirm the “Nigerianness’’ of its origin and sphere of influence.

He said that in nine years of operation, the company remained a prime driver and avid supporter of the Nigerian spirit of excellence.

According to him, the telecommunications company will continue to stay true to its “Naijacentric identity’’.

“This notion is strongly reflected in our core messages and depicted in major projects and initiatives, which we have been known to support.

“All these initiatives have their foundation embedded in supporting key aspects of the Nigerian fabric: building Nigerian businesses and empowering Nigerians with a focus on the youth.

“Nigeria remains the soul of EMTS’ business and we have made the brand alluring to our teeming subscribers, who see a piece of the spirit and character of Nigeria in everything we do.

“EMTS is here to stay and we wish to assure our esteemed customers that our core values of youthfulness, customer-centricity, and innovation will remain the pillars on which we operate.

“We thank our esteemed customers for their abiding faith in us,’’ Dikko said.

Since the month of March, Etisalat Group has been having the issues with the consortium of 13 banks over the payment $1.2bn loan.

The group had on Monday given Etisalat Nigeria three weeks ultimatum to stop the usage of its brand name but the network provider is adamant and very serious about maintaining over 12.5 million subscribers already on their list and just today, they introduced a super bonus offer of 10x value of recharges by customers. You can check that article to see how to enjoy that bonus if you haven't seen it yet.


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  2. They should try and sort out their issues or risk losing ground to other players because all these negative press is not good for their business.

    1. They should do that. As well up their game with regards to data.. They are very expensive

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  5. Really Etisalat they are trying there possible best to maintain there stand,I feel for them well let's hope $at our sim won't go dead someday.

  6. etisalat customer shouldn't be afraid because airtel network has changed it name six times and that did not make it lose it etisalat customer shouldn't worry about it change of name.thanks

  7. Name changing has come to stay in our telecoms sector and they (Etisalat) should be prepared to learn from Econet wireless networks Airtel Nigeria.

  8. permit me the liberty to share an important information I got while surfing the internet NCC ALLAYS FEAR OF JOB LOSS,ncc vowed to protect the company from possible collapse in its operations the commission allayed the fear on Tuesday during the 80th edition of Telecom consumer parliament,TCP held at Yar'Adua center, speak, etisalat is still running,despite the proposed plan to change the spite of the challenges we still keep it running for the sake of customers.i can assure you that no single staff of etisalat has been fired we will make sure all them are protected and the service not disrupted. thanks for the approval.

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  10. that's the modus operandi of all network providers

  11. Rumors has it that Etisalat have finally changed their name to 9Mobile

  12. Their slogan goes like this 0809ja

    So it won't have been a bad idea if they had used 9jamobile
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    Econet wireless