Thursday, July 13, 2017

GTBank Naira Mastercard Can Be Used For Foreign Transactions Now

Honestly, it has being a difficult period for most people since Nigerian banks set limits on naira Master cards usage for foreign transaction. I have received a lot of messages from people trying to pay for one thing or the other on foreign websites but were unable because of the limitations but now it has been taking care of.

Your GTBank Naira Mastercard can now be used to shop on foreign sites such as AliExpress, Gearbest, Amazon, Google Playstore and even pay for Facebook adverts with a monthly limit of $1000

Though I have been making use of my GTBank Naira Mastercard and Dollar card for foreign transactions, some people who don't have a dollar card and couldn't use the Naira Mastercard for paying for goods and services online had to resort to using barter virtual cards. But now, am sure they will be glad at this latest development.


As at yesterday, GTB charges N380 per dollar which is still very much on the high side and I’m not comfortable with that. However, if you already have a dollar account, you might not need to use your naira master card, simply fund it from your Domiciliary account or just buy dollars from Bureau de’change and initiate your transaction; but if you don’t, then you can make use of your Naira Master card.


✔ The transaction limit is now $1000 per month
✔️ It is convenient and simple to use
✔ No need of visiting the ATM centers or bank halls to make transactions
✔️ It's fast.

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✔ To make withdrawals with your naira master card abroad, you'll be charge N1000 instead of N420
✔ You can only withdraw $300 daily.
✔️ If you aren't careful, your Mastercard could be stolen and manipulated.

Recall that few days ago, Guaranty Trust Bank was awarded the best bank in Nigeria by an organization known as Euromoney.
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  1. I was the happiest person when i got this message from Gtbank and i didn't hesitate to share it with friends.

    With this development now in place, I'm gonna order any phone of my choice from AliExpress.

  2. Based on what i gathered from the bank, a person can't spend more than $300 in a day and you can't spend $1000 at once.

    We still have some hidden restrictions.

    Thanks for making this official

  3. Thanks for Your informative update

  4. that's a good one, i remember when i helped someone in applying for online UK visa en when it was time to make payment it wasn't funny atal cos we weren't able todo so until someone in UK helped us to make d payment but wid ds now i think is a very good one.
    thanks wizy

  5. i wish other banks will join dem soon.

    1. I'm of the opinion that other banks will definitely key in to this because they won't want their customers to start running to Gtbank.

      Let's just wait and see the next bank that will join the queue.

    2. Uba too don joined Gtbank to allow $1000 monthly

    3. What I said has come to pass. This is what fair competition breeds

  6. wow! this is one of the best news i've heard today!!!!
    thanks a million wizy!
    sauce dripping outta!!

  7. 380 Is Still High, I Was Expecting Dollar To Have Crash To At Least 300 By Now.

  8. Can I use Gtbank Naira MasterCard ATM now with a PayPal account???

  9. Do we have to buy the master card or what? IDon't really understand this master card stuff

    1. It's just like your normal ATM card but the mastercard allows you to shop online and other stuffs.

      Kindly use Google to get more information

  10. Replies
    1. Please kindly check the following links for some information about mastercard

      Here goes the links:

      LINK one

      LINK two

      LINK three

  11. Gtbank leads while others follow behind

  12. can I use my gtbank ATM naira MasterCard for PayPal now??

    1. Gtbank says 'yes' dt u can link their MasterCard to a PayPal account. U can confirm it @gtbank_help on Twitter

  13. thanks for the lovely update

  14. still cant use mine to pay on ordinary play store. GTB can be so good and messed up at the same time