Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Virus: LeakerLocker Malware Demands $50 From You

LeakerLocker is a form of Android ransomware that threatens to send all your private information, data and web history to all of your contacts and demands $50 from you if you don't want it expose you to the public.

This ransomware is called LeakerLocker, and it was found in the Google Play Store. It works in a different and weird way because unlike other ransomware, it does not encrypt its victims’ files. Rather, it makes a backup of victims’ data stored on the device. Then the developers of the malware demand $50 in exchange for not leaking your personal info to your phone and email contacts. Some of your personal info at risk includes your web history, emails, location history and more.

The LeakerLocker Malware was found in two apps in the Google Play Store. These are Wallpaper Blur HD, which has been downloaded up to 10,000 times by Android users, and Booster & Cleaner Pro, which has been downloaded up to 5,000 times as well. So this simply means that at the moment, about 15,000 people have already fallen victim to this malware, which has been in the Google Play Store since April this year. Imagine the apps even had good reviews on playsStore; developers has manipulated fake reviews of the apps to deceive people who want to download.


Once you download any of these vulnerable apps, LeakerLocker asks for a large number of permissions, including the ability to manage calls, read and send text messages, and access contacts. After you grant it access, the malware communicates with a receiver, thus initiating the malicious activity and locking the Home screen of the device with an extortion threat. Analysis of the malware code shows that it is capable of accessing an email address, some contact information, Chrome browser history, text messages and calls, and photos from the camera.


LeakerLocker demands the ransom via credit card. Researchers have advised victims not to pay up, because there’s no guarantee that the information will be released or will not be used to get at them again.

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McAfee researchers have reported the malware to Google, and the offending apps have been removed from the Google Play Store.
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  1. Thanks for Your lovely update

  2. With the way and manner malware are being released, one needs to be extra careful on what he or she downloads.

    It was revealed that this malware locks your phone’s home screen and claims to have made a backup of any “sensitive information” you have stored on it.

    Please don't download anything that comes your way.

  3. If LeakerLocker does manage to infect your phone, McAfee says you should refuse to pay the $50 ransom it demands.

    “Doing so contributes to the proliferation of this malicious business, which will lead to more attacks. Also, there is no guarantee that the information will be released or used to blackmail victims again,” the company says.

    1. That's the exact thing I hEard I don't think that is any probability that your phone will be free after you pay a sum of $50

  4. like seriously ds is getting serious.. hmmmm

    thanks for d update..

    for me downloading of apps shud be done only on google playstore cos its safer there

    1. Please note that based on available records, Google Playstore is not safe anymore

    2. Check the post again and you will see where it is stated that some apps in playstore have been affected.

      The malware can be downloaded accidentally through Google Play apps as reported by another website.

    3. den probably no oda place is safe..

  5. wow! this is really similar to the cryptolocker ransomeware that did some really gangster things in 2015
    black hats be vexing!
    nice post wizy, sauce dripping!

  6. The Question Should Be How The Developer Beat Google Security To Upload This Malware On Playstore Or Does Playstore Not Have Security Against Things Like This.

    1. From what i gathered, some of these malwares are uploaded to Google Playstore via updates.

      The main app is uploaded without the malware and after a while, it's added in the format of an update.

    2. So when this happens, Google security will only scan the initial app and not the update.

  7. ah!
    which kind wahala be this na

  8. If this dangerous Malware can be uploaded as updates on Google Play Store that means Google Play Store is not safe anymore we should be extra careful this time around your Google Play Store cannot be trusted anymore

  9. Really I have experience in Malware attack before this is not something to smile about please guys you should be extra careful about Malware

  10. thanks for the informative update