How To Stream Videos From Phone To Playstation PS4

Have you ever wanted to connect your smartphone to PS4? Stream video contents from phone to Playstation (PS4). Enjoy mobile games on PS4. Here is a complete guide on how to do it.

Although we now have smartphones with larger display sizes for watching videos, playing HD games and editing pictures, these smartphones however, are still no match for a large-screen TV when it comes to quality video experience.

Those of you that owns a Chromecast, it's obvious you can stream content from your Android smartphone to your TV easily but do you know you can also do the same with your PlayStation 4? Okay now you know so sit back, relax and see how to achieve that below.


1. Download Pixel Media Server app on your Android smartphone.
2. Install and launch the application
3. Now tap DMS Name to give a name to your device.
4. Next, tap Share Folder to select which folder you want to share.
5. Again tap the Play button at the bottom to start Pixel Media Server
6. Now switch on your PS4 and ensure that it is on the same WiFi network as your Android smartphone
7. Then open the media player on your PS4
8. Select the f*Pixel Media Server drive
9. Finally, navigate the folders to locate and stream your preferred photos, videos and music files or games from your phone.

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Note that Pixel Media Server offers basic functionality. However, it does allow you to browse the entire folder structure of your smartphone and locate all your media. Alternative apps that can do same things are
Bubble UPnP and iMedia Share**.


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